‘Dune’ reaches 75 million dollars in gross without having been released in the United States and China

Denis Villeneuve’s film, starring Timothée Chalamet, is exploring other markets before reaching the most powerful.

Dune It reaches its second weekend at the box office with some very encouraging data. In its first days of release it reached 36 million dollars and in its second week it has reached 76.5 million, which have been achieved after the release of Denis Villeneuve’s tape in other countries and the slight drop in those in which it was already on the billboard.

Russia is the country where it has raised the most. In total, it carries 7.7 million dollars. They are followed by France (7.2), Germany (4.4) and Italy (2.5). The new territories that it has reached in recent days are the United Arab Emirates with one million and Saudi Arabia with 969,000 dollars. In total, the tape’s earnings have suffered a 37% drop compared to the previous weekend, according to reports. Variety.

It is good data that, however, cannot yet cover the budget of 165 million dollars that the feature film has cost. The good news is that they still have to conquer the most important markets: the United States and China, especially the latter, where not all productions manage to gain a foothold. His arrival will take place at the end of October, where it will be definitively checked if Dune it has been a profitable feature film.

There is still a month left for the premiere of ‘Dune’ in the United States, why in Spain have we been able to see it before?

The reason for this staggered release, in all likelihood, is that Warner Bros. has tried to mitigate the effects piracy has had on the latest movies to hit the big screen. The simultaneous release in cinemas and streaming platforms – HBO Max in this case – has caused an increase in illegal downloads that has directly affected the box office figures. By first releasing the film in a market where they have no option to see it digitally, they ensure that a certain number of viewers will pay for their admission.

Dune, from Denis Villeneuve, adapts the 1965 Frank Herbert classic with a luxurious cast. Among the well-known names we find Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac or Jason Momoa. It premiered in Spain on September 17 and you can still enjoy it on the big screen.

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