‘Dune’: The reason this character was sexually changed

Denis Villeneuve’s film is a faithful adaptation of the Frank Herbert classic, but it includes some changes.

The great goal of Denis Villeneuve when making the film of Dune it was being faithful to Frank Herbert’s novel and respecting the original material that so impacted him as a teenager. The director had an idea in his head since he was 14 years old and has struggled to bring it to reality as much as possible. That does not mean that the story has undergone some changes along the way, as is the case of the Doctora Liet Kynes, which has changed sex on its arrival on the big screen.

Dr. Kynes is the one who helps the Atreides family, and the Harkonnen previously, understand the terrain of Arrakis and work with the spice. His work is critical to the success of the mission, and while Kynes is a Man in the book, Villeneuve and the producers saw that he was the perfect character for an update.

The reason for the change is obvious: they wanted more female representation. The novel was published in the 1960s, so male characters dominated the plot. A 2021 production with only women in its cast already attracts attention, so they saw in Kynes the perfect opportunity to elaborate a complex, determining and feminine role. In the production notes they reveal that they chose the doctor for the modification because they thought the author would have approved of that change. It was a way of being faithful to the book and yet adapting it to current times.

“In general, in this story, men are in the majority, there are only three women. They are three powerful and integral elements in our story, just like the role of Kynes, who embarks on a rich and complex dialogue for the audience to broaden. his perspective while keeping Frank and his original mission within our 21st century hearts and minds, “explains actress Sharon Duncan-Brewster in these production notes.

Duncan-Brewster came into production after impressing casting directors and thanks to her popularity in the UK, where she is known for her roles in Bad Girls, EastEnders O Doctor Who. For her, being able to bring Kynes to life was a gift. She found many layers in the character that immediately appealed to her. As the interpreter explains, he is “someone who has a lot of power in the palm of his hands, power in the form of information and secrets. Later, when you remove the layers and excavate every part of his nature, you begin to understand that he is under pressure. huge to keep everything under control: culture, delicate socio-ecology, politics. “

This change aside, Villeneuve’s film is a true reflection of what the pages of Frank Herbert’s book tell. You can see Dune on the big screen in movie theaters in Spain.

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