Durgamati movie download by the website Moviesda

Durgamati movie download by the website Moviesda

The Myth’ (Durgamati) has been released on Friday (December 11). The film is a Hindi remake of the Tamil-Telugu film ‘Bhagmati’. The film has been released on Amazon Prime. It is a horror film to say, but you hardly feel afraid. We have found this film a combo of drama, love, fear, and thriller.

A scene in the film (Durgamati) shows a mysterious death and theft of 12 idols in the village. When politician Ishwar Prasad (Arshad Warsi) is asked questions about this theft, Ishwar says that either he will find out this thief or he will retire from politics.

CBI officer Satakshi Ganguly (Mahi Gill) has the responsibility of resolving the case. Sakshi decides that she will ask IAS Chanchal Chauhan (Bhumi Pednekar) (Bhumi Pednekar) because Chanchal used to work with Ishwar earlier.

She takes Chanchal to an old and spooky mansion, which is a shelter of inaccessibility.

The beginning of the film ( Durgamati ) is exciting. Some scenes are kinda scary. You enter the film from the beginning, but then it seems that the film is being pulled.

The last 40 minutes of the film are very good and keep you tied to the film.

Bhoomi is quite frightened by his acting in some scenes. Arshad Warsi has lived up to the expectations like every time.

Seeing the middle part of the film leads to a lot of boredom and confusion. Many things seem to have been rammed into meaning.

These scenes could be eliminated. Because of these scenes, the interest in the film decreases. Most of the scary scenes of the film are not really scary. Durgamati is a long and drawn film.