“Eat my anus, please”: the strange request of a spectator of ‘La Resistencia’ to David Broncano

The presenter does not stop being impressed with the requests of his followers.


The resistance has been surpassed once again. If last week david broncano hallucinated before the irruption of a spontaneous in the Teatro Príncipe Gran Vía, yesterday I could not believe before the sexual request of a spectator. And it is that the public that attends the theater to see the Movistar Plus+ program live will give it their all.

As usual, the first 15 minutes of the program the presenter interacts with the public present in the theater. However, yesterday the attendees were untied. As soon as they started, they began to shout requests to Broncano. “Sergio, you have to reassure these people a bit. i can’t handle thisthat they are crazy”, recognized the Galician to the collaborator.

The public hardly made the presenter or Sergio, and they yelled “random” things again. “I don’t want to address whoever it was,” Broncano declared after listening to “cocaine” in the theater. “I’m looking at one with a glasses that has a looks silly…”, Grison confessed, pointing to the person he considered responsible.

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In the midst of all the noise, Broncano stressed that there was a girl making gestures and that he did not understand her. “What were you saying when you were gesturing at me?” asked the presenter. The spectator’s response did not leave anyone indifferent, and even the comedian was left for a few seconds without knowing what to say. “That you eat my anus Broncano“Confessed the young woman. And she added:” Please. “The unexpected request caught the unprepared presenter off guard and he could not contain his laughter.

It is very good because, at first, it is an aggressive request, but later, it is polite

“Make me another one that can be done in the theater, I can’t eat your ass here, it would be very strange“continued Broncano. The young woman wanted the presenter to do her characteristic dance, since her sister, also present in the audience, likes it a lot and acknowledged that” she always does it like you.

Undoubtedly, the followers of The resistance They give it more and more when they attend the Teatro Príncipe Gran Vía as an audience. And there are also no doubts that Broncano is raising more and more passions.

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