Eduardo Casanova’s mistake in ‘La Resistencia’ that puts his representative in a bind

The actor and director has visited the David Broncano program to present ‘La piedad’, already in movie theaters.

mercy of edward casanova It’s already in theaters. The director has spent the last few weeks giving interviews to promote his new film, which he promises will not leave anyone indifferent. For this reason, the also actor has been the last guest of this week in The resistance. A visit to the David Broncano program where Casanova revealed a very private information of his representative, that the latter will not have liked anything.

Casanova has been the focus of controversy in recent weeks for his statements about motherhood, which some media have titled as the director “wants to end humanity”. Something that Broncano highlighted at the beginning of the interview, who asked Casanova what question he could ask him to create controversy in the face of the actor’s refusal.

Eduardo Casanova: “Of course I’m afraid to say what I think”

The interview progressed without any mishap to highlight until the very end. To close the program, Broncano wanted to comment on a topic to Casanova that he stated that he would “like” it. And it is that just before they had been talking about the fact that the director maintained sex almost dailybut there are times when you don’t “get up” because you think about other things.

“You have seen a problem that there is now, very uncles, that every time there are more people who are taking pills not to lose hair…“, the presenter narrated. A sentence that the guest immediately finished and in which he revealed some information from his representative. Of course, he immediately apologized.

And it goes down, it happens to my representative, sorry!

The director was aware of the blunder he had made. “I’m sorry, don’t put it. I feel terrible. He is the person I love the most, he is great,” he asked the program. “But he doesn’t get up, we all know it. Look, you hadn’t been controversial, but the last minute has killed you,” Grison commented between laughs at Casanova’s circumstantial face.

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