‘El Mud’: it smells of tragedy in paradise in this preview clip of the film by Raúl Arévalo and Paz Vega

The thriller, set in the rice fields of the Spanish Levante, in the midst of an environmental crisis, recounts the clash between the locals who have to survive at no cost with a biologist who tries to impose his environmental criteria on them.

Under the idyllic sunsets of the Levantine lagoon of Laguna Blanca, there is the mud. And everything gets caught up in The mud Just like in the haunting thriller by Valencian director Iñaki Sánchez Arrieta, starring Raúl Arévalo and Paz Vega, from which you can see this clip for the first time and which hits theaters on December 10. A cast that is completed by Joaquín Climent, Roberto Álamo and Susi Sánchez.

The film tells the story of Ricardo (Raúl Arévalo), who plays a prestigious biologist who, after traveling around the world, has the opportunity to return to the town where he grew up, in the Valencia lagoon., specifically to a place called Laguna Blanca in the movie, to try to save it from a severe drought, and protect the natural landscape of his childhood. He moves there with his wife Claudia (Paz Vega) and his daughter Julia, but the family is not as well received as they expected but the locals, endorsed by the local chief (Susi Sánchez) who are not willing to give up their way of life and subsistence by imposition of someone from outside. A confrontation that will have unexpected consequences.

In the clip that we show you exclusively we see how the family arrives at the Laguna Blanca reserve crossing the rice fields and bucolic landscapes. Eusebio, the reserve guard (Joaquín Climent) awaits you in the village upon your arrival. They have not seen each other for more than 25 years and it is he who will make them Cicerone, and will accompany them to their new home, while Ricardo tries to solve the problem of the lagoon.

On your mission it will have to restrict the abusive and illegal use that everyone makes of the Laguna because it is destroying the ecosystem. But the pressure and threats from the neighbors are increasingly evident, they consider Ricardo a traitor, who cares little how they earn a living. But little by little Ricardo will realize that his life and that of his own family are in danger.

The film is the second feature film by director Iñaki Sánchez Arrieta that debuted in 2019 with ZerØ after having made eight shorts and having worked as an assistant director on films by Belén Macías, Benito Zambrano, José Luis García Sánchez, Sigfrid Monleón, Vicente Villanueva or Miguel Ángel Vivas.

The director remembers filming as a very doubtful experience in which they had to face a pandemic at the doors, floods due to cold drops, and several filming stoppages … And the result is reminiscent both in its landscapes and in its approach to the film the Minimal Island by Alberto Rodríguez, in which tragedy can be smelled from the first minutes.

The director explains in the production notes that lthe rice fields next to the Albufera Natural Park, where it has been filmed The mud, they offer a sensory experience during winter. “The coldness given off by its damp and flooded lands, the cold and the wind, the birds flying at low altitude, the machines working the fields, covered with mud, the peasants with their cracked faces, the ruins of old houses …” and that spirit is also present in the film that hits theaters on December 10.