‘El páramo’: If you like horror, here is the new monstrous ‘thriller’ from Netflix

Starring Inma Cuesta, the film becomes a psychological ‘thriller’ in the middle of an immense wasteland in Teruel.

Terror has returned to Netflix and he has done it hand in hand The moor, the new film directed by David Casademunt. The new original Netflix title of Spanish production was presented in the past Sitges Film Festival 2021, and if you are one of those who are passionate about monster stories, you may have found your new must-have on the streaming platform.

Filming of The moor coIt started at the beginning of February of last year. To capture this aspect of the Deep and rural Spain, the production moved to an immense moor in the province of Teruel. In it, the landscape becomes one more living character and gives the film that touch of a psychological ‘thriller’ that is featured on numerous occasions.

Interview with the cast of ‘El Páramo’

The plot of the film follows a marriage formed by Lucía (Inma Cuesta) and Salvador (Roberto Álamo) and their young son Diego (Asier Flores). Together they have managed to live a quiet life away from the madding crowd of society. But the tranquility of her hermit existence comes to an abrupt end when Salvador has to abandon his family after an incident.

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Just after Salvador’s departure, a monstrous beast lurks in the dark. A beast that until now Diego only knew from the horror stories his father had told him, legends that had been passed down from generation to generation but never believed to be reality. The fear of this new threat is becoming stronger and stronger, fueled by the fear of the nearest town that predicts the worst. Alone in the face of danger, Lucía and her son Diego will arm themselves to withstand the possible attack of this beast.

El Páramo is a film that has been built over low heat, very slowly, during these last five years and in which its director had very present “horror, thriller, drama, psychological suspense“, as he revealed to SensaCine in an interview (you can read about these lines. But, it was not until the first three months of the pandemic when he realized that the film had ended up adding another genre: “Damn, we’ve written a western!”, Casademunt recalls.