El Rubius invites his followers to participate in his own massive ‘Squid Game’

Sara heredia

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The ‘influencer’ has launched a call on social networks for his followers: to join a huge tournament on Roblox.

The Rubius has set himself a new goal: to assemble a massive squid game. The famous Spanish ‘influencer’ has joined the South Korean revolution and has launched a request to his followers via Twitter to organize the same competition, although without so much violence, deaths, blood … And in a digital version, of course.

“I want to mount a massive streamer tournament on The Squid Game on Roblox, “he wrote on his profile, “The prize would be quite large, since all streamers who decide to participate must give € 50 in subs to the winner of each game”. His more than 144,000 ‘Likes’, 6,834 RTs and the surprise comments from colleagues like Zorman or Luzu give a hint of how big the event will be.

What El Rubius wants to do is organize the same six tests that appear in the Netflix series through the Roblox platform, which houses games created by the users themselves so that the rest of the community members can enjoy them. To participate in the tournament, you must give away € 50 in Twitch subs that will go to the winner of each game. That is, the winners receive subscriptions on their Twitch channels, which at the same time translates into money.

What is not yet known is the number of participants in each game, so it is not possible to calculate the number of subscriptions that the live streaming service will receive. But he will soon make it public, since he has revealed that this Sunday, October 10, he will announce the final participants of the tournament. Although if he has described it as massive and has warned that “the prize would be quite large”, we already get an idea that it will be a very succulent reward.

Rubius’s idea is one more example of how far the power of The Squid Game. Since its premiere on Netflix on September 17, it has become one of the greatest audiovisual phenomena in recent years. It has influenced the sale of the Vans slip-on sneaker model – which has increased an impressive 7,800% -, it has made us all know Dalgona cookies and it has broken our heads as it had not happened in a long time. Now its effects also reach Twitch, where it will revolutionize the channel of some of the participants in the Rubius experiment.

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