Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree announcement image hides more than meets the eye: Elden Ring DLC ​​story clues – Elden Ring

Today, From Software has published a tweet with an image in which it has confirmed the development from the first Elden Ring DLC. Your name isit was Shadow of the Erdtree and there are already many theories on the net trying to guess what it will be about. In the art that they have distributed we see the Golden Tree in the background. It is darkened, appears burnt, and a current of yellowish power emanates from within. In the foreground there is a figure with golden hair riding on Torrentera.

The setting looks like Altus Plateau. We recognize this for several reasons. In the first place, because the Golden Tree is clearly seen from it, as seen in the image. Also because of the yellowish tone of its vegetation and because the field is full of spirits caused by past wars. With these data, it’s time to find out the period and the central theme of the DLC. Let’s go there with our theory, but do not forget that yours are the comments to complement it, contradict it, expand it and leave us your own.

The first thing to determine is the time period in which the DLC will be produced. The Golden Tree appears destroyedwhich means that we are at the end of Elden Ring. We could consider the possibility that the image does not represent his death but his birth. After all, the Greater Will came with its golden power from the sky and raised it up, but the many tombs around Altus Plateau rule out this possibility. The battle that caused so many deaths occurred long after it germinated.

Elden Ring Expansion

Everything indicates that the DLC will occur after the end of Elden Ring

Therefore, we are facing an event that occurred after one of the endings of the original game. So we have two possibilities: that it is the end that leads to a dark age and that we activate through the Fia quest, or that it is the one of the Frantic Flame. It can’t be the former, as the consequences of making that decision directly affect how you die and are reborn in the Middle Lands, and on the battlefield we still see spirit graves. So it must be the one with the Frenzy Flame. And what does this imply?

If Torrentera is a product of Melina, he too wishes for life to return to the Midlands.

Well, The Three Fingers and the crazy Shabriri have achieved their goal. They have set the Two Fingers ablaze, finished off the Greater Will and led the world to disaster. As Melina warns us, that flame is “it is the chaos that devours life and thought without ceasing. As much as the world is in ruins, succumbing to torment and despair, life resists. The births continue. There is beauty in that it is so, isn’t there? If you become a lord, don’t deny this concept. Who is to become lord, should not deny the new births of this world (…) when there is no life left on earth”. And that’s just what we see in the picture, the lack of life and the splendor of a vegetation that emerges like a new sunset. The graves against the golden corn. It’s a new start.

But neither Melina nor Ranni is amused that we have made this decision, which is why they appear at the end of Elden Ring as the same being who vows to kill us. That is to say, that surely the final boss of Shadow of the Erdtree will be herself. Now that we know the setting, she has to ask herself: Who is the character that walks on Torrentera? There are several possibilities.

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Who is on Torrentera? Godwyn, Marika or Miquella?

One theory is that it is Godwyn. By activating the Frenzy Flame, the curse on his body would have been broken, reborn as a human. This would make sense since he was known as “El Dorado” and his hair represents that nickname. However, we understand that only by following Fia’s quest could we see him walk again, which we haven’t. Another possibility is that it is Márika. Physically she looks alike, she would be delighted to see the tree burn and there are links between her and Torrentera through Melina, since Melina may be her daughter or her spiritual representation. But it doesn’t make much sense, either. we kill Radagon at the end of the game.

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Therefore, the possibility that for me gains more strength is that it is about Miquella. The character that rides on Torrentera combines the feminine and the masculine, she is surrounded by an aura of total beauty and purity, and corresponds to the representation of her in stone that we saw so many times during the game. Miquella would also enjoy watching the Golden Tree burn, as it represents the tyranny and pain that peoples suffered because of the gods from beyond the stars.

That it is Miquella helps us understand the plot that this DLC will have. He is the only one of the demigods with a purpose: to restore peace, bring life back to all species, and make it possible for all of us to live in peace without gods. He is the only true light of the Midlands, He is the perfect one to lead this new beginning. So he could be watching Leyndell from Meseta Altus to go find the Lightless and between the two of them bring life back to the Midlands, and how? Well, through the power of dreams learned in the congregation of Santa Trina. And why do you need us? Because with the death of his sister, he needs a new sword. But shouldn’t he hate us for killing her? No, because hate is not in their nature.

Elden Ring Expansion DLC

I want to be Miquella’s sword

During the days following the release of Elden Ring, it was rumored that the possibility of accessing dreams through contact with Miquella was considered, an idea that was later discarded. Well, that could be the one used here.. In this way, and together, we would be able to return the light to the shadow that the Golden Tree casts. The question now would be: And the Three Fingers? Would they be friends or enemies in this new stage? Possibly enemies, since they want everything to come together again, to merge and for everything to stop.

It remains to answer the question of what Torrentera is doing there. And the truth is that it is a very simple one to answer. The most logical possibility is that the animal has fled in search of Miquella, that it has found it reviving inside Mohg’s egg and that it has been in charge of guiding it to the Lightless. If Torrentera is a product of Melina, he also wants life to return to the Midlands, and the only one capable of achieving it is Miquella.

So will we become the new Espada de Miquella? I’m afraid that there is still a lot to be confirmed, but if this theory is true, what a good DLC that is coming our way. To finish, I think that to activate this DLC you will have to finish the game and choose the corresponding ending. I’m already preparing my game.