Emily Ratajkowski accuses Robin Thicke of sexual assault on set of “Blurred Lines” music video

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In a book due out next November, model Emily Ratajkowski accuses singer Robin Thicke of sexually assaulting her on the “Blurred Lines” music video.

According to Times, who had access to the good sheets of “My Body”, the book of Emily Ratajkowski which will be released next November, Robin Thicke would have attacked the model on the set of the clip for “Blurred Lines”. This video, which had been a huge success when it was released, revealed the model in 2013.

“Suddenly, without warning, I felt the freshness and the anomaly of the hands of a stranger who grabbed my bare breasts from behind,” says the young woman in her book. “I instinctively pulled away, turning to look at Robin Thicke (…) He awkwardly smiled and stumbled back, his eyes hidden behind his sunglasses.”

Emily Ratajkowski explains that she felt “vulnerable for the first time that day” and deeply humiliated. “I shrugged, avoiding eye contact, feeling all the warmth of humiliation run through my body. I didn’t react, at least not really. Not the way I should have.”

“I remember the moment he grabbed her breasts. One in each hand. He was standing behind her as they were both in profile. I shouted in a very angry voice: What are you doing. crazy, it’s over! The shooting is over! “, testified the director of the clip to the British daily.

The singer would have subsequently apologized.