Emma Mackey leaves ‘Sex Education’ behind to shine in ‘Emily’, a “daring and dazzling” story about Emily Brontë

Frances O’Connor hits the mark in her directorial debut. Already in theaters.

Brilliantly acted, beautifully filmed and very daring. The director Frances O’Connor has not wanted to play it safe in her first film, Emilyand has opted for a portrait of the writer Emily Brontë halfway between reality and fiction. An experiment that could have gone wrong, but from which it has succeeded and with which it has attracted the attention of a large number of critics. The critics that accompany the tape they shout from the four winds that it is one of the best films to start the year.

Emily is an exciting and moving story about the life of the famous British writer Emily Brontë. It begins when the author, on the verge of death, tells her older sister Charlotte what inspired her to create wuthering heights. This gives rise to a review of her life in which the filmmaker lets her imagination run wild to pay homage to the novelist.

It is always risky to try to innovate with characters as classic and rooted in society as Brontë, so this free interpretation could have angered many. This is not the case and many compliments are directed precisely at the most speculative part. “This is the way you hope things have been for Emily simply because it makes her more human.. Rather than being an ethereal character completely caught up in the realms of her own imagination, it brings her in touch with the world the rest of us inhabit,” writes Sandra Hall of Sydney Morning Herald.

O’Connor, in her directorial debut, explains why she approached the character of Emily Brontë: “Emily Brontë is fierce, rebellious, sensitive, creative and magical”. The director has been developing this project for the last decade and she became obsessed with the character. “I think of all the Brontës she is the most forgotten sister. There’s a group of hardcore fans who love Emily because she’s a bit of a rebel and a misfit. And I’d probably be a goth or something nowadays.”

O’Connor’s irreverent vision fits surprisingly well into the Brontë universe, which coupled with Emma Mackey’s performance makes for a vibrant tale. The actress, whom we all met in sex educationdoes an exceptional job of bringing us closer to the novelist.

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In addition to Mackey, the film’s cast includes Alexandra Dowling and Amelia Gething, who play Emily’s literary sisters Charlotte and Anne. Fionn Whitehead, known for his role in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, gets into the skin of Branwell, the only son of the family. Adrian Dunbar and Gemma Jones complete the main cast.