Emma Mackey’s Future In ‘Sex Education’: Is Maeve Returning In Season 4?

The character receives a scholarship to excellence at the end of the third installment, but will he stay away from Moordale for long?

The season 3 of Sex Education brought with it a great surprise: Ruby, the character of Mimi Keene that we met in the first installment but had not had the opportunity to discover without her shell of superficiality. Nevertheless, maybe it was also the season that took us away from what used to be the female co-star of British fiction, Emma Mackey, whose character, Maeve, received the scholarship she wanted so much to study in the United States and left Moordale at the end of the installment released just a couple of weeks ago on Netflix.

Maeve’s departure to pursue her dream came at a time, moreover, when she had just let herself be carried away by her feelings for Otis (Asa Butterfield), a moment that had been building since the first season. Now Netflix has already confirmed that there will be season 4 of Sex Education, but what is not so clear is when the young woman is going to return.

The Maeve’s departure in season 3 of Sex Education did not specify for how long the grant would be extended or when we would see it again in the corridors of the Moordale, at the same time that we will not know how much time will have passed between the end of the third installment and the beginning of the fourth. If there is a time jump, Maeve could be back for the beginning of the new season, while if not, we will see how things continue in the institute but with her being the great absentee. In any case, it seems unlikely that the series does not address how Moordale is going to get out of the future crisis in which the school has been immersed since what happened during the term of Hope (Jemima Kirke).

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Another option is that there is a time jump, but that the great novelty of season 4 is not the absence of Maeve, but the absence of Moordale after closing. In that case, the students would end up finishing the course in different centers and the essence of the series would be lost a bit.

As you can imagine, actors are cautious about revealing too much, but Emma Mackey stated the following in an interview with Hunger Magazine:

It’s complicated for me. Sex Education as transcendental as a concept, as a series, and the cast is brutal. I care a lot about all of them and have made friends for life. We have grown together. The bittersweet nature of this is that I can’t be 17 all my life.

Sound like goodbye?

We will have to wait to find out at what point the fourth installment of Netflix’s ‘milestone’ picks up, but the truth is that the third season laid the foundation for the new episodes to continue exploring things where they are now, with several of its plots still to be solved. On the one hand, we have to know how Jean’s story continues now that she has received the results of the paternity test, just as we will have to find out how the problems are solved (or not) in the center. In the same way, the plot of Eric was also open, it seems that he could return with his ex-boyfriend, and we can’t wait to find out if Maeve’s absence is what Otis and Ruby need to give themselves a chance.

Also, Otis and Maeve being separated can allow them to continue growing separately and meet again at another point.

The three seasons of Sex Education are now available on Netflix.