“Emmanuel Macron says huge bullshit”: the big tackle of Bernard Lavilliers

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Singer Bernard Lavilliers, who is releasing a new album, said frankly in “C à vous” what he thought of Emmanuel Macron.

Bernard Lavilliers is back. At 75 years old, the interpreter of “Noir et blanc”, “On the road again” or “Melody temp harmony” released a new album and confided a few days ago in La Dépêche du Midi. As part of the promotion of the album, he was the guest of “C à vous” on France 5 Wednesday evening and the former anarchist activist did not hesitate to say what he thought of Emmanuel Macron.

Bernard Lavilliers says he is annoyed by the head of state. “He doesn’t annoy me, he annoys me. He has an attitude, he looks like the first in the class who comes out impeccably well dressed. He’s always right, he says huge bullshit like ‘the other’s work. side of the street ‘, for example. But apparently, it does not bother anyone “, entrusted the singer to Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and his team.

Bernard Lavilliers continues: “What made me laugh the most was the Jupiter side. He said that at the start, didn’t that surprise you? I told myself that he was going hard! He was going to govern from Jupiter way. Jupiter is the boss anyway “. Emmanuel Macron had made these remarks, before his election, during an interview with the magazine Challenges in October 2016.

Bernard Lavilliers also devotes a song to Emmanuel Macron whom he describes as “little marquis”. In “Beautiful days”, he sings: “The President is on his teeth / And in spite of everything, he lies, brazenly demented / He loungs, he gets out of hand / He annoys us, he confines us”.

The singer sang of opinion on the President of the Republic since in 2017, in “Tea or coffee” on France 2, he praised the intelligence of the Head of State. “He’s a very smart guy, I think. Very. So that’s not bad.” He even qualified Emmanuel Macron as “very brilliant”. For the 2012 presidential election, Bernard Lavilliers publicly supported Jean-Luc Mélenchon.