‘Encanto’: Luisa, the character with whom Lin-Manuel Miranda wanted to apologize to his sister

The composer of the songs of the latest Disney success has recognized that the song of the character of the Madrigal family is inspired by his childhood.

Charm It is full of little details. Something that, bearing the seal Disneyshouldn’t catch anyone by surprise. However, the latest success of the House of Mickey Mouse hides in one of its songs a emotional meaning. The film, directed by Byron Howard, Jared Bush and Charise Castro Smith, features musical themes created by Lin-Manuel Miranda and the composer, director and actor He wanted to use the film to apologize to his older sister Luz-Miranda Crespo.

It’s about the song ‘Surface Pressure’, a theme that sings Luisa, one of the family members Madrigal and older sister of Mirabel, the protagonist. All members of the main clan of Charm they have a gift and Luisa’s is the Super strength. That means that whenever there is a heavy job to be done, they always ask her to do it. During an interview with Variety, Miranda has said that this song, in which the character recounts the pressure he feels, is his love and apology letter to his sister.

“I am the youngest of the family. I have a sister who is six years older than me and she got a raw deal“, he begins. “That song is my love letter and forgiveness to my sister for having it easier. I saw my sister deal with the pressure of being the oldest and bearing burdens that I never had. I remember my parents waking up my sister to assemble a He-Man toy for Christmas before I woke up. They wanted it assembled by the time I woke up on Christmas morning. I put all that anguish and all those moments in Luisa“.

The Exciting Reason Disney Made ‘Charm’

Jessica Darrow She is in charge of giving voice to Luisa and singing this song. ‘Surface Pressure’ is a moment in which this character, the strongest in the film, reveals his own insecurities and admits that he is cracking under so much pressure. This theme of the film has become one of the favorites of those who have seen the film.

Charm is now available on Disney + at no additional cost. The film, set in Colombia, follows Mirabel, the member of the Madrigal family. While all of her relatives have a gift, she does not. However, when the magic threatens to disappear, the protagonist must try to avoid it.