‘Encanto’: This Disney classic inspired the presentation of the Madrigal family

Disney’s new animated film is now available on its streaming platform.

Charm, the latest and recent Disney animated film, has been one of the winners at the 2022 Golden Globes. The feature has won the award for Best animated film, ahead of her other companions of the House of Mickey Mouse who were also opting for this statuette: Luca Y Raya and the last dragon. Its story, its characters and its animation have captivated the public, but also the critics.

Such has been the fury that the Colombian title has generated among Disney followers, that there have already been numerous references to other titles or iconic films in the history of cinema, such as the scene in which it appears Mirabel on a boat emulating a scene from the film Titanic. However, this film is based on an animated classic known to all and that shaped one of the most important and funny scenes in the film.

One of the big concerns of the film’s producers was its long list of protagonists, since the plot not only centers on the young Mirabel, but on her entire family: 12 members in total. Such was the concern that even They came to propose reducing the members of the Madrigal family, as one of its directors Jared Bush has revealed:

We screened this movie internally eight times over the course of five years and I remember conversations like, ‘I don’t know if you should go for 12 characters. I don’t know if you can bear it. Maybe a family of four. “And Lin (Manuel Miranda) was like, ‘No, I can do it. And I’m going to show you.’

Lin-Manuel Miranda had a very clear vision of what he could do with Charm, and part of that idea came from one of the Disney house animation classics: Beauty and the Beast. “I was very inspired by ‘Beauty and the Beast’ for our opening number“. The Madrigal family theme is in charge of presenting each of the characters, their gifts and their history.

When does ‘Encanto’ take place?

“We wanted to get the complexity of a family on screen. And that means you have to surround them, do not let them become distorted in the process of history, in which you tend to focus on the main character and his quest. We have to be very clear about who he is, how they are related, what they can do and how he relates to our main character, “says Miranda.

If you look at the scene in question in which Mirabel goes through the small town and discovers each of her sisters, aunts, uncle and cousins, it could remind us of one of the first sequences of Beauty and the Beast in the that Bella is touring her small French town with her book and greeting each and every one of the merchants and neighbors of the village.