Endgame for Marvel’s Avengers that already has a date for its final goodbye: sad ending for a game that aspired to be a massive success – Marvel’s Avengers

It was announced as one of the most ambitious projects in the video game industry, but just three years after its releaseand despite the vocation as a service of the proposal, Marvel’s Avengers It will no longer receive support from its creators. So it has been announced Crystal Dynamic.

Through a statement, the team owned by Embracer Group has confirmed that Update 2.8, scheduled for March 31, will be the last patch with content and features for Marvel’s Avengers. Later, On September 30, all official support will be discontinued.

After the date, it will still be possible to continue playing solo and in multiplayer

After the end of official support by its creators, users will still be able to continue enjoying the mode single player and the multiplayer. Although they cannot guarantee that the title will function correctly after this date, Crystal Dynamic expects a long life ahead of the video game once they abandon it.

Can you still buy Marvel’s Avengers? Yes, but those who are interested in giving the video game a chance in its official final stretch should hurry up. After September 30 it will not be possible to get it on digital platformsleaving copies in traditional stores until the end of stock.

But before finishing, a gift

The March 30 update will not add major additions to the game, but instead will focus on end-game balance changes and, for those of you still playing Marvel’s Avengers, a gift that allows your community to experience the full breadth of the game. and content available in the adventure. In this sense, Crystal Dynamic wanted to have a detail with its users and will give away the entire library of cosmetic contentand that includes outfits, emotes, identification badges, etc., as well as other items that could only be unlocked through special missions until now.

“After September 30, 2023, we will no longer add new content or provide customer service for the game. In addition, Marvel’s Avengers will no longer be available for purchase,” we can summarize the news. Next, the farewell of their authors:

We are aware that this is disappointing news, since all of you have a great connection with these characters and their stories. We are truly very grateful that you have joined us on this adventure. Your enthusiasm for Marvel’s Avengers, whether through epic Photo Mode snapshots or through threads theorizing about our new releases, has played an important role in bringing this game to life.”

Spider-Man will remain exclusive to PlayStation

Before finishing the news, a curious note from the statement. Despite the fact that cosmetic objects will be given away, from Crystal Dynamic they anticipate possible questions and clarify that Spider-Man will remain a PlayStation exclusiveWe understand that due to rights issues.

Marvel's Avengers

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