Enigma and the sale of Piqué’s motorcycle once again grants a new record of spectators on its second day

Another weekend, another record day for the kings league. football league between streamers craziest of the year has closed its second day with higher numbers than last week, with a peak of more than 850 thousand viewers during the game in which he played Enigmathe first division player who played incognito this day.

But while the game had its moments, the performance of this supposed La Liga star was quite disappointing. His presence in the game was not very prominent and certainly his impact on the plays of his team, the xBuyer Team it was practically nil.

However, the rest of the day was quite good, with several tremendously exciting games and plays worthy of the best players on the scene. In addition, we were able to witness for the first time in the entire league a penalty shootout from midfieldwhich would finally be taken by Grefg and his Saiyans against PIO de Rivers.

In general, this second day of the Kings League has exceeded everyone’s expectationssince we thought that the effect of spectators was going to remain in the first day and the only thing that has done has been to rise in this second weekend.

50 thousand viewers more than last week and with a total average of 222 thousand people on Twitch, the league assumes that as the weeks progress they will continue to improve little by little until they reach the culmination of everything in their Final Four.