Ensemble instrumental de Tarbes: “The public feels our enthusiasm”

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After a year without an audience, tomorrow and Sunday, the Ensemble instrumental de Tarbes will give its New Year’s concerts. A popular meeting with Emmanuel Petit, the conductor, reveals the backstage of the production, to the rhythm of the health context.

Emmanuel Petit, who are the musicians of the Ensemble instrumental de Tarbes?

45 years ago, when the EIT was created, it was mainly amateur musicians, students, of which I was a part, who aspired to become professionals and were helped and accompanied by pros. For the past twenty years, there have been a few amateur musicians from Tarbes, but the majority are made up of professionals who come from all the major orchestras of Farnce and even from Spain.

What connects them?

These are people I know. Music is a small world and most of them are regulars. Some have been coming here for over 30 years. But we also welcome new ones. There is a real mix and a loyalty that makes me happy.

With musicians scattered throughout France, how do you prepare such a concert?

Of course, musicians like to see each other to rehearse. The amateurs are coached by Aleksandra Grip, professor at the conservatory with whom they meet regularly. The others are all very high level professionals. they have the job. for them, it’s natural to operate like this, to work on the repertoire in their own corner before meeting the day before the show to rehearse. It is unique to musicians and it works very well as well. Especially since we work with both known pieces and rarities. I like this alternation.

Last year, you played in an empty theater …

At the mayor’s proposal, we had a concert filmed and broadcast on youtube. It allowed us to play and be seen by thousands of people. But playing in front of anyone is really weird. For many it was a first. When you finish a piece without applause, in total silence, it’s really sad. We are very, very happy to be back with the public. The six months without culture were really hard for the musicians and for the people. We see that they want to come back. It’s nice. Even if we were afraid that it would fall on us and that we should cancel. But all the musicians will be there. We are very happy to meet again.

Even if the conviviality that characterizes this reunion will be lacking …

If the Tarbes orchestra works, it’s because we are a real team, which enjoys seeing each other again. Even if we will not have our moments of conviviality at the local orchestra. The public feels this enthusiasm.

A loyal audience, this year again

Yes and we are happy about it. It means that people want to listen to classical music. There is room for this music, even if it is not talked about enough for my taste …

: Saturday’s concert is sold out. Seats remained for Sunday 11 a.m. to be picked up at the Théâtre des Nouvelles