Epic Games will never forget the fine it will have to pay for deceiving minors and inciting massive purchases – Fortnite

There are many users who do not support the Epic Games Store for many reasons, and the most controversial is the purchase of exclusives against Steam, an aspect that The PC community doesn’t like it.. Far from it, Epic Games wants to combat a dominating Steam in number of users based on give away free games weekly. However, this time he has received a punishment that has come from the practices he performs in Fortnite.

It was three months ago that we reported that Epic would have to pay an unprecedented amount for various irregularities. Finally the FTC, Federal Trade Commission, has confirmed that Epic Games returns 245 million dollars consumers for “unwanted” purchases. The store “used dark patterns to fool players to make unwanted purchases,” which affected children buying cosmetics without parental permission.


One of the examples is the fact of configuring a series of icons in Fortnite that made them confusing, and led players to “incur unwanted charges based on pressing a single button”, according to our colleagues at 3DJuegos PC. In this way, the Rule of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act is being violated, something that hurts the popularity of Epic Games.

In addition, from Games Radar they collect that Epic Games would have blocked the accounts of the people who disputed the unwanted charges. Fortunately, the company will return the money to its consumers and there is already various changes that he promised for 3 months.


The changes that Epic Games promised

To put in context, Epic Games responded to the FTC complaint last December, and stated the following on its official website: “We accepted this agreement because we want Epic to be at the forefront of consumer protection and provide the best experience for our players. Over the past few years, we have made changes to ensure our ecosystem meets the expectations of our players and regulators, which we hope will be helpful guidance for others in our industry,” Epic Games said.

The Fortnite fine is not child's play: Epic will have to pay an unprecedented amount in the industry for irregularities

“We will continue to be honest about what players can expect when making purchases, we will look ensure cancellations and refunds are simple and we will create security mechanisms that help keep our ecosystem safe and entertaining for audiences of all ages,” Epic Games concluded in its statement. In addition, here is a list of changes that Epic Games promised:

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