Éric Zemmour judged for his remarks on “isolated minors”: the Departmental Council of Gers is mobilized

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The polemicist, very likely candidate for the next presidential elections, is tried this Wednesday before the Paris judicial court for comments made in October 2020 on the CNews channel. In the process, 22 Departmental Councils, including that of the Gers, had filed a complaint.

On this Wednesday, November 17, 2021, the trial of Eric Zemmour opens in the Paris judicial court following his comments on foreign “isolated minors” held in September 2020 on the CNews channel (see also below). On October 1, like twenty department presidents, Philippe Martin lodged a complaint on behalf of the departmental community.

46 minors and 52 young adults accompanied in the Gers

On the occasion of this trial, the president of the Department of Gers would like to recall: “Today 46 unaccompanied minors (unaccompanied minors) have been entrusted to the Departmental Council. We welcome them, we support them in their administrative, medical and housing, but also to educate and train them. left to his own devices. We currently offer educational support to 52 unaccompanied young adults (between 18 and 21) (JMNA) in the Gers. “

All minors are educated, mainly in two specialized establishments in Gers: Louise de Mariac and Cantoloup Lavallée. “With all due respect to Mr. Éric Zemmour, our support has proven its worth: 95% of unaccompanied minors in the Gers are in apprenticeship and 5% are in school.”

A look back at controversial remarks

In a column of September 29, 2020 on the CNews channel, the polemicist Eric Zemmour declared: “Unaccompanied minors are for the most part thieves, rapists, murderers”. A statement that followed the machete attack on September 25, 2020 on police officers in front of the former Charlie Hebdo premises by a young Pakistani, then wrongly described as an isolated minor. Following a complaint filed by 22 departments and 11 associations, the Paris Prosecutor’s Office had taken up the case. After a postponement decided during a first session on September 8, the trial opens this Wednesday morning at the 17th correctional chamber of the Judicial Tribunal of Paris. “If the CNews channel was condemned on March 18, 2021 by the CSA to a fine of € 200,000, this trial intends to raise the direct responsibility of Mr. Zemmour and to assert the damage suffered in particular by the Departments, as communities responsible for the ‘reception and care of unaccompanied minors, under Social Aid for Children, “underline the complainant communities in a press release.