Errors are expensive and this Mew Pokémon card is worth a lot for a factory defect

The spectacular rise that the pokemon cards in 2020 it dazzled with the astronomical figures that have been paid for very exclusive items. We recently got to see a very particular Chansey being put up for auction to fetch prohibitive prices.

That dynamic has not ended and this time it is the turn of Mew, the legendary Pokémon of the first generation of the franchise. Ancient Mew is the illustration that has a Japanese letter that was given away through an exclusive promotion of Japanese theaters, back in 1999. The reason was to spread the premiere of Pokémon 2000 and it appears in the film when the main villain holds it . Now, it has been sold for $900 at PWCC, as revealed by Dicebreaker.



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One of the particularities of this letter is that it does not have any text, beyond the old runes of the series, although it is not the most important detail it has. And it is that if we look at the front, at the bottom, we will see that the text corresponding to the copyright contains the word “Nintedo” instead of Nintendo.

A printing error that was corrected in subsequent printings, but has allowed a small number of units with that flaw to remain cult items. According to PSA, 2,255 copies of the Ancient Mew card have been qualified by them, which gives us an approximation of the total number that may exist worldwide.