‘Euphoria’: Fez, the character sentenced to die in the first installment who has a lot to offer in season 2

Angus Cloud has confirmed in an interview that Fezco did not survive the first batch of episodes, but that Sam Levinson eventually changed his mind. Something that many fans certainly appreciate.

Now that the second season of Euphoria has finally premiered on HBO Max after a long wait we have had the opportunity to see Rue (Zendaya) and Jules (Hunter Schafer) meeting again after the heartbreaking train station scene. However, one of the great protagonists of ‘Trying to Get to Heaven Before They Close the Door’ (2×01) It was Fezco, the drug dealer, dealer and friend of Rue who plays the young performer Angus Cloud in the series developed by Sam Levinson.

In the episode in question – the first of a season of eight to be broadcast weekly – the character and his past were further explored.. As we saw in the chapter, Fez’s childhood was not easy, but he was raised by his grandmother (Kathrine Narducci), the same one who shot his father, owner of a strip club, for the constant mistreatment suffered by him. little boy. Also a drug dealer Fez’s grandmother was the one who taught him everything she knew about drug dealing and they became business partners.

Despite his past and dealing with dangerous people, if there is something that has always captivated fans of Euphoria de Fez, it is that he is a good guy, who is always concerned about Rue’s well-being and does not seek conflict. However, Nate (Jacob Elordi), does not make things easy for him. After having denounced him to the police and having complicated things a lot in the first installment, both met again at the New Year’s Eve party in which a large part of the episode takes place, and Fez, beside himself, gave a violent beating to his enemy.

A) Yes, the first episode of the second season of Euphoria It turned out to be especially important for Fez, but the reality is that it almost never happened since the character almost died in the first installment of the series.

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This has been revealed by Angus Cloud himself in an interview with GQ in which he is delighted that his character has had his own episode of origins. “I was supposed to die in the first season”, responded to the publication when asked if Sam Levinson had promised him in the first installment that he would dedicate an episode to him. However, he does not know in which chapter or at what time it was scheduled to happen.

“I don’t know, but apparently, how they signed me off the street, I imagine [que el personaje de Fezco nunca estuvo previsto que se quedase]. I don’t even know how. I never saw that script. Nobody even told me,” Cloud explains doubtfully, who made his debut as an actor for the first time in Euphoria.

One day while we were shooting the pilot, Jacob [Elordi] He said, ‘Don’t you know?’ your character is [e imita como le disparan en la cabeza]’. And yes, it never happened. I think they liked what he did so they decided to leave me alive and let me continue

As Cloud explains, he doesn’t He was an actor before he was cast in Euphoria. However, over the course of these more than two years between seasons, that has changed and he now has two films in the works.: is filming the Christmas police movie Your Lucky Day and it has been announced that he will be part of the cast of an adaptation of The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien, starring Tom Hardy, Tye Sheridan and Pete Davidson.

The ultimate reason for Levinson changing his mind is not known, though considering how much the fans adore him, it’s clear that the team realized that he could have something big on his hands and that the character could have a longer journey. And so it will be. Fez is an important character in his own right and his trajectory in the plots of the second season shows promise.

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