Everyone seated to applaud Cali in Bruguières

the essential
Scheduled as part of the Détours de chant festival, Cali will be showing at the Bascala de Bruguières on Friday January 28 in a fully seated version.

Announced until January 23, the gauge restrictions in performance halls (2,000 seats at most, no one standing) will perhaps, without doubt (in fact we know nothing about it…) extended beyond. However, they do not call into question the Cali concert scheduled at Bascala de Bruguières on January 28.
It will take place in a 100% seated version. People who have already reserved their standing place will be placed in the bleachers or the seating area and must present themselves at the ticket office before the start of the show. For the others, there are still places.
The “Cavale” tour brings together Cali and his musicians “for an energetic and daring format”.
We think we know everything about the Catalan singer: his (falsely) immediate success, his personal history marked by the premature death of his mother when he was six years old, his attachment to his beautiful region and his hometown of Vernet-Les-Bains. (and in Toulouse, where he did part of his higher education), his river concerts which left him on the verge of exhaustion (because he is like that, he gives everything without counting, never).
What we do not know is that he is an artist, in the broad sense of the term and that the format of the song is far too reductive to even glimpse the contours of the quality of his expression. .
“Cavale”, his new album was born from this desire, for the first time, to embrace the multiple facets of his art, with a short film, short story and book as a bonus. The latter, entitled “Here are the angels”, was published in November by Albin Michel. The artist presents it thus: “I love you. I will kidnap you, love, and take you away from here. Where cynicism and deceit will never raise their cruel armies. Where we only live for love, where we only die for love. “It is with this promise that the narrator seduces Sofia, in this novel …”

Cali in concert Friday January 28 at 9 p.m. at Bascala de Bruguières. Prices: 24 and 27 euros. Phone 06 30 16 16 09.