“Everything is fine, he’s in great shape!”… reassuring news from Florent Pagny after the fear of a relapse of his cancer

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After an interview broadcast this Sunday, March 5 on TF1, during which Florent Pagny announced a risk of recurrence of his lung cancer, the singer was seen, this Monday, March 6, in shape and smiling, at the fashion show of Stella Mc Cartney.

Florent Pagny appeared relaxed and smiling, this Monday, March 6, at the end of Stella McCartney’s parade at the Manège de l’École Militaire, reports the Parisian. Alongside his wife, Azucena Caamaño, he had come to see their daughter Aël parade for the very popular British designer.

The day before, in the program “Sept à Huit” recorded on January 26, the 61-year-old singer had confided in fearing a relapse of his lung cancer. “There is a ganglion that has fixed, which means that there is a risk of metastasis”, he admitted “It is not quite close to the place. A little far away. to be just an infection (…) I’m going back to Paris to do a biopsy to see what it is. In fact, this story sucks, it never ends.” What to fear the worst.

“He came back to Paris and he did his treatment thoroughly”

A relative of the artist, Madeu Gonzalez, wants to be reassuring today: “Some media immediately published morbid and false information about his state of health and this caused panic among people. I am pissed precisely because Florent I’m better. I often have him on the phone. He came back to Paris and he did his treatment thoroughly. He did something stupid (by stopping his treatment last year and going back to Patagonia), he knows it, and he did what he should have done.” Madeu Gonzalez is the programmer of the “De Fil en musique” festival in Tarbes, where Florent Pagny will perform on July 16. “Everything is going well, everything is going well. He is in great shape! Proof that everything is going well, he is making appointments, we have great deals in preparation and he will start his festival tour in June as planned.” Twelve dates are indeed still scheduled from June 30 at the Nîmes festival to July 30 at the Colmar wine fair, via Aluna, Poupet, Nancy, Sion (in Switzerland), Perpignan, Carcassonne, Bayonne, Ajaccio and Vienna.