Everything you need to know about ‘Heading to Hell’, Netflix’s new Korean bet

After the success of ‘The Squid Game’, the streaming platform continues to premiere productions from South Korea. File ‘Hellbound’, a fantasy fiction.

After the enormous success of The Squid Game, Netflix continues to bet on productions from South Korea. East November 19th arrives Heading to hell, a creation by director Yeon Sang-ho with supernatural touches and fantasy. The fiction comes with a good background and, although everyone knows that it is difficult to reach the level of success of the violent competition that swept the world, it gathers the ingredients to at least get a handful of loyal fans.

Heading to hell comes with a great presentation. To begin with, it is from director Yeon Sang-ho, the same one who swept Train To Busan, the claustrophobic film of zombies aboard a train where a father and daughter have a very difficult time getting out alive. He is an expert in science fiction and fantasy, as he demonstrated in Psychokinesis, the first Korean movie about a superhero. It is the second production for the small screen after The Cursed, a series about a teenage girl who can cause death using names, photos or personal belongings.

Another sign of its possible success is that it was born in 2002 as an 11-minute animated short. Heading to hell it emerged in this format and later became a webtoon – a digital comic designed primarily for mobiles used in South Korea. The good reception of these two pieces was what led the filmmaker to turn it into a television series for Netflix.

What is ‘Road to Hell’ about?

With Heading to hellHellbound in English- gets back into the horror genre. The series is set in a world where people can know the exact moment when they will die. Once the time has come, supernatural beings appear who are in charge of taking the victim to hell.

In this universe there is a group of religious who assures that the arrival of the ‘executioners’ is divine justice. The religion is called Saejinrihwe and its leader is Jung Jin Soo. His strong charisma attracts a large group of followers. But it seems that they are not clean wheat and soon they begin to raise suspicions. The director of a radio show, Bae Young Jae, is determined to discover the truth, at the same time that Detective Jin Kyung Hoon investigates the strange case of the angels of death.

When is ‘Rumbo al Infierno’ released and where can you see it?

The series premieres on Netflix on November 19. Its first season consists of six episodes that will be available on the streaming platform the same day of its premiere. If you can’t wait for its premiere, check out other Netflix sci-fi series.

Critics point it out as one of the series of the year

It hasn’t been released yet, but the series has already toured various festivals. Its first three episodes have been screened at the Toronto International Film Festival, the Busan Festival and the London Festival. As a result of this, some criticisms have already been published, which assure that the series leaves a strong impact. “Although the CGI is a bit disappointing, the series is a work that leaves an impression deep enough to make up for it. There is no doubt that it will be the most talked about this winter“, assures Kim Seong-hyeon in his text for YTN.

Pierce Conran, de South China Morning Post, agrees and warns that it is difficult to talk about it without gutting its plot too much: “It has a unique narrative structure, but explaining it can ruin part of the surprise.” Conran points out that the script includes some very interesting reflections: “The ethical questions raised in the series are intense and timely and will surely provoke a lively debate.”

Heading to hell seems to follow the same path as his compatriots The Squid Game and Kingdom, two Korean productions for Netflix that have generated a lot of interest among the platform’s subscribers. If we add this to the good reception it had Parasites, by Bong Joon-ho, it is clear that the industry of the Asian country has come to stay in the West.

The cast of ‘Rumbo al inferno’

Among the cast names are Yoo Ah In, the popular actor from Chicago Typewriter. Joining him are Park Jung Min, Kim Hyun Joo or Won Jin Ah, among others. A cast that provides a great performance, according to the first critics.

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