EXCLUSIVE ‘Eiffel’: Emma Mackey introduces you to Adrienne, a woman “ahead of her time” who fell in love with Gustave Eiffel

The ‘Sex Education’ actress stars alongside Romain Duris in the film about the architect behind the symbol of France. November 12 in theaters!

This Friday, 12th of November, reaches the movie theaters Eiffel, the film about the love story behind the construction of the Eiffel Tower. The film, directed by Martin Bourboulon, stars Romain Duris and Emma Mackey. So that you know one of the two parts of the romance of the film, we bring you in EXCLUSIVE a report on Adrienne Bourgès, the character played by the actress who gives life to Maeve Wiley on Sex Education.

Mackey, born in France, describes Adrienne in the video as “a young woman, married, very autonomous and independent, with a lot of character”. In the past, before Gustave Eiffel set about creating the great symbol of Paris, the two had an impossible romance. Now, years later, the two meet again in very different conditions. “[Adrienne] she is a whirlwind of a woman, she is charming, elegant, “adds Mackey.

Eiffel is discovering how the love story between Adrienne and Gustave was forged. They met when Mackey’s character was only 20 years old and “full of dreams and ambitions, ahead of its time”.

Why was the relationship not possible? As the actress explains, Adrienne belonged to a rich and noble family and Gustave did not: “They are going to want to embark on an adventure, break the rules, break the structure, that class system”.

Mackey also believes that only one Adrienne movie could be made. “That a woman can play a timeless female role. From start to finish, she exists for herself. You could write a story just about her and it would be exciting. That’s what I like.”, concludes.

Eiffel begins after Gustave Eiffel finishes his collaboration on the works of the Statue of Liberty. The architect is at the peak of his career and the French government wants something spectacular for the Universal Exhibition of 1889. When the creation of the Eiffel Tower begins, the protagonist is reunited with his youth love, a relationship that inspires you to change the Paris skyline forever.

On these lines, do not miss the EXCLUSIVE report on Adrienne Bourgès. Check out the trailer below.