Explanation of the end of ‘Rumbo al inferno’, script hole or beginning of a new stage?

Netflix continues to add interesting Korean productions full of intrigue and impossible situations to its catalog.

Supernatural beings wanting to beat you to death, charismatic sect leaders, people who take justice into their own hands … Heading to hell It presents us with a very unappetizing reality, yet quite close to what could happen in our world if, suddenly, people began to die attacked by supposed demons and were dragged into hell. It is a Korean series created by Sang-Ho Yeon and, after its premiere on November 19 on Netflix, it has been placed among the most watched in 24 countries.

Part of its charm is that it poses situations that give rise to reflection on the part of the viewer and, along the way, it offers scenes of great violence. The ‘demonstrations’ of the victims are very cruel, so When you find out that a newborn baby has been chosen to go to hell, at the very least, a lump rises in your throat. However, the ending holds a surprise. Here we review how it ended Heading to hell and its explanation.

Watch out, SPOILERS! Don’t read on if you haven’t seen the end of ‘Heading to Hell’

After three harrowing episodes where we wait for the demonstration of Song So-hyun’s (Won Jin-ah) baby, we find that the writers have not dared to kill a baby with a beating -thanks- and that he has been safe after the sacrifice of their parents.

After an unequal fight with the three demons of hell by the lawyer Min Hye-Jin (Kim Hyun-joo) and the father of the creature, Bae Young-jae (Jeong Min Park), they accept that they cannot do much more and they hug the little one to try to protect him. The human shield works and, although the parents die charred, the baby is safe. Min Hye-Jin runs him off before the Deacons of the New Truth appear. It seems that, for the moment, his life is not in danger, but what does this mean for the future of religion and his own future?

Much more than the substitute for ‘The Squid Game’: ‘Heading to Hell’ is unique and “leaves a deep impression”

In the last moments of the fiction the idea is established that the reputation of the New Truth is in doubt. The impossible fact that a baby could have a sin is already starting to generate doubts among some followers, but its survival is what unleashes the revolution. Why do his parents, who had not been called to hell, die and the victim is still standing?

At the same time, Deacon Yuji (Ryu Gyeong-soo) knocks a man unconscious after beating him for being unable to control his anger. Society, which had remained impassive in the face of the attacks by the Punta de flecha organization, is horrified by the attitude of the religious. They are no longer willing to accept it and the doctrine is sure to enter into low hours.

Script hole or the beginning of a new stage?

Some may think that Bae Young-jae and Song So-hyun’s death and the baby’s survival is a script hole. They had told us that those designated to go to hell had no escape and would inevitably die the moment they were told. Also, what interest are supernatural beings going to have in killing two innocent people? The truth is that all these rules have been imposed by the New Truth and, in reality, it is not well known how these acts work. On several occasions in the series they say that they are inexplicable facts and, more than divine justice, they are terrible accidents.

We don’t really know what motivates the demos, but what is clear with the baby’s salvation and the post-credits scene is that something is changing. In the place – now proclaimed divine – where Park Jeong-ja (Kim Shin-rok) dies, the first death to be broadcast live, something unexpected arises: the victim has come back to life. We do not know if there will be a second season of fiction, but if there is, they will turn the universe that Sang-Ho Yeon has created for the series upside down.

You can enjoy Heading to hell and other science fiction series on Netflix.

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