‘Express’: 4 keys to enter the StarzPlay series about the future of express kidnappings

Maggie Civantos returns to the orders of the creator of ‘Vis a vis’ Iván Escobar in this frenetic series from The Mediapro Studio, which is the first Spanish fiction on the streaming platform.

‘Thriller’, Action, adrenaline, family drama and a story of self-improvement are the elements that it combines Express, the new series starring Maggie Civantos and first Spanish fiction of StarzPlay. Produced by The Mediapro Studio and by the creator of Vis a Vis Ivan Escobar, the title opens this January 16 on the streaming platform and will make a new episode available to its subscribers every Sunday until completing the eight episodes that make up the first installment.

Set in the near future, the new Spanish ‘thriller’ that is about to see the light puts at its center one of the crimes that has increased the most in recent years: express kidnappings, a violent form of extortion that is very present in other countries outside our borders and through which criminal groups deprive a person of their liberty for a few hours in which they try to get quick money by blackmailing their relatives.

In Express, these types of practices are becoming more and more common and that is the context in which the story of Bárbara (Civantos), a brave criminal psychologist tormented by her past who is dedicated to mediating in this type of kidnapping to get the victim freed and without a scratch. Barbara is very good at what she does, but her personal experience constantly influences her behaviors and decisions. In addition, what she experienced has directly affected her family harmony and dealing with a teenage daughter who flirts with danger is not the best breeding ground to disconnect from work and her stormy past.

Next, 4 keys of Express that summarize the essence of this intense ‘thriller’ for which StarzPlay has decided to bet on its first original production. Remember: it opens this Sunday, January 16 on the streaming platform.


Maggie Civantos in front of the cameras and Iván Escobar, behind. We have seen this before.

Producer and screenwriter of Vis a vis and main architect of his ‘spin-off’ Vis a Vis: El Oasis, Iván Escobar and Maggie Civantos know each other very well and also their way of working. They met while working on the unforgettable prison series that we insisted on comparing with Orange is the New Black, in which Escobar was one of the co-creators with Alex Pina (The Money Heist) and Esther Martínez Lobato and Daniel Écija.

A) Yes, when Escobar got down to work with Express, wanted to have Civantos again, an actress who has already accumulated many records in her career but who undoubtedly feels comfortable with action and the extreme. In this case, specifically, combining the weakness of a victim with the strength of the person dedicated to saving people who, like her, were kidnapped for a few hours in a traumatic event that changed their lives.

She is Bárbara Escobar, she was the victim of an express kidnapping and now she works trying to solve them without any damage to the kidnapped person. And if he has to break the law for that… Maybe he will.


Vis a Vis Y Express they share some things more than the mere fact that the second is the new series created by its creator and starring its protagonist. Yes, Express It represents the reunion of Iván Escobar and Maggie Civantos on the small screen, but, in addition, in it it is easy to find some elements that quickly remind us of the unforgettable series in which she played an apparently innocent prisoner who ended up becoming one more.

In Express, as was the case in Vis a Vis, send the adrenaline and his characters constantly face scenes of tension and extreme action, whether it be a large-scale police chase or a one-off confrontation. In addition, his characters are also extreme, strong and, as in Vis a Vis, while we see them capable of doing anything, we are able to connect with them on a human level.

The similarities are there, and they are not surprising because they are part of Escobar’s style, but we must not approach it as the new Vis a Vis because they are completely different series.


Although the present that arises in Express It may be so recognizable that you think that the series is narrated today, the truth is that it is about a near future in which express kidnappings have arrived with force in Spain and they have begun to occur on a regular basis almost everywhere.

In this context, an innovative insurance company has decided that its duty to the client is to address this problem and introduces among its services the possibility of managing the express kidnapping of its insured in case that happens. And that is how Bárbara comes to her after her departure from the police force. Being contacted by a businesswoman who gives her absolute freedom to carry out what she had been asking for so long in her previous job: leave the protocols behind and get ready to act at full speed.

For this he surrounds himself with a very disparate team, people he has known throughout his life and who are experts in very different areas but who, combined, are the key to success.


With the speed of our daily lives and a society that has no time to stop as a backdrop, the future that Express it also houses technological innovations that surprise, but at the same time, are not so far away.

Thus, the different members of Bárbara’s team put their knowledge and advances in geolocation and the use of drones at the service of the investigations and combine their findings to rapidly advance in the handling of the kidnapping. However, although seeing them work is a fantasy, things don’t always go according to plan and both Barbara and them have to face frustrating situations.

Accompany Civantos in the distribution of Express Omar Banana, Loreto Mauleón, Kiti Manver, Alba Planas, Ana Marzoa, Esteban Meloni and Bernardo Flores.

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