‘Eye of the Hawk’: Long live the fun!

Marvel’s fifth series promises action and laughter from the first two chapters. We have seen them and we explain why it is worth giving the latest Disney + proposal a try.

It seems like an easy mission for a former Avenger like Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), but reuniting with your family for Christmas is going to be more complicated than Hawk Eye could imagine. Someone from your past threatens to spoil much more than the Christmas spirit. But to face this challenge, he will have the help of Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), a 22-year-old archer who idolizes him and dreams of one day becoming a super heroine that he has always dreamed of becoming.

This is the premise that raises Hawk Eye, the fifth Marvel series premiered this year 2021 on Disney +. And in full phase 4, this new fiction is added to the three films that have hit theaters in recent months: Black widow, Shang Chi and the legend of the ten rings and Eternals. And if I had to choose, between the cinema of phase 4 and the series of this year, I prefer the series in this Marvel experience to which we are subjected.

Although we have only seen the first two chapters of the six that this season 1 includes, it seems that it will not disappoint. The story centers on the character Hawkeye, created by Stan Lee in 1964. It has been adapted into a television series minimally following the spectacular line of modern comics by Matt Fraction and the Spanish illustrator David Aja, although it captures its essence.to. Both the fonts and the header pay homage to that series.


Hawk Eye has been written by three screenwriters coordinated by Jonathan Igla – known for his scripts for the Publicists series Mad Men. The director of the first two chapters is also Rhys Thomas very linked to comedy shows, because he grew up in the team of Saturday Night Life. He is also responsible for the two specials John Mulaney very enjoyable and surely the comic tone that is sensed in the series has a lot to do with the origin of the director.

The series is hilarious are the adventures of Hawkeye with Kate Bishop who becomes an archer following her admired former avenger. And the situations in which the former superhero finds himself are sometimes ridiculous, absurd and even stupid.

He introduces us to a tired Hawkeye, who has a hearing aid, is back from life and just wants to be calm with his family.

It is a very Christmas series, it starts five days before Christmas and it seems that the temporary arc will be until the indicated date. The series has very funny moments of comedy in which the hero has very much assumed his human condition and the problems that he must face will be at the height of these circumstances.

The cast

The cast is led by Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld, a pop star who works great as an actress on screen, and the relationship between them is what the series is built on. The proposal is narrated very at the foot of the street and with some villains that do not seem terrifying or ultra cruel, but with a tacky and tacky point that works very well. Also participates Vera Farmiga (Warren expedient) and the villain is Tony Dalton, Swordsman, which we have seen in Better Call Saul.

After watching the first chapters, I trust the series: it promises action and makes us see that the situation is going to get complicated in the next episodes. Hawkeye offers a comical, pure entertainment and nothing more. But isn’t entertainment very positive for its own sake? Long live the fun!