Fagen and Steely Dan, melodic haute couture

It’s music that speaks to people in their fifties and sixties. A jazzy and padded music, which caresses the senses instead of hurting them. What is generically called the Californian cool, personalized by a group, Steely Dan, whose two founding members, Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, were nevertheless New Yorkers. The duo were only active in the 1970s but with albums like “Aja” and “Gaucho” which were absolute critical and commercial successes. Studio group par excellence, Steely Dan finally rubbed shoulders with the scene two decades later … before returning with the most perfect discretion, until the death of Walter Becker in 2017. It is to his former accomplice that Donald Fagen wanted to pay tribute by going on an American tour. “Northeast Corridor”, a live album recorded in several cities, bears witness to this, bringing together some of the group’s great titles such as “Kid Charlemagne”, “Rikki don’t lose that number”, “Hey nineteen” or “Glamor profession”. In versions quite close to the albums, that is to say of an impressive melodic and instrumental perfection. A happiness of reunion to be completed by another live album, mainly recorded, in 2019, at the Beacon Theater in New York, in which Donald Fagen takes again his solo album, “The nighfly” (1982), again immense success and enormous success. 8 songs on the program and what pure wonders, from “Ruby Baby” to “Maxine” via “New frontier” and “The goodbye look”.

Albums “Northeast corridor” de Steely Dan et “The Nightfly live” de Donald Fagen (UMG/Universal).