failing all QTEs sparks a fest of humor

The movie trilogy spider-man Directed by Sam Raimi, it brought us great adventures for the wall-crawler. Although the culmination was the confrontation against the doctor octopuswith the third installment we live an intense three-way war with the Sandman, Venom and Harry Osborn as the Green Goblin.

Of course, that production received its adaptation to the world of video games for all platforms, highlighting the new generation versions. That is to say, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC welcomed the main events of the film along with other additions such as Scorpion or the Alligator.

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Over the years, a scene from the beginning in which Spider-Man must rescue a hostage in the middle of a fire while tied to a bomb has become quite popular. spider-man 3 It is full of QTE so typical of the time, but if we miss the button that appears on the screen we will see a funny sequence of how everything goes to hell.

Was it the intention of the Treyarch developers to make us laugh even if we failed? Everything points to yes, because if we take a look at the rest of the QTE of the game, we will see that everything is absurd blows, impossible skids and clubbing that Peter Parker receives and it makes us smile. Here you have a compilation of all the failed QTEs to laugh a good while.