Faith. Record workshop: place for recording before the live

the essential
In turn, the young people involved in the Paajip recording workshop recorded the songs for their future album.

On the ground floor of the new youth centre, studio n° 2 has recently been fitted out and equipped with state-of-the-art recording equipment. It is here, and for the first time since the opening of the place, that the disc workshop carried by the Paajip recorded its eighth opus last week.

As a reminder, this operation, launched in 2014, aims to bring together each year a group of young musicians, with individual talents or simply a strong appetite for music, around a common artistic project. This year, Cédric Rodriguez, artist-animator, is alongside Noé, in civic service within the structure, to guide young people in this creative work. “We’re a kind of toolbox, they dig into what they want, it’s still almost 90% their job.”

Thus, this eighth opus will focus on the theme of time. Both in the composition – with more or less rhythmic pieces – and in the content of the songs. “There was also this desire to talk about the passage of time, the passage from adolescence to adulthood”, specifies Cédric Rodriguez.

This year, they are five to form a hard core. Robin, Alba, Sharleen, Camille, Zack therefore worked actively, approximately every Wednesday, to carry out this major project. “Particularity this year, we have other artists who have come to join the project, this is the case for example of Hugo who is also in civic service at Paajip, or even Marie.”

The recording phase lasted a few days and therefore made it possible to mix nearly ten tracks. Now will begin on the one hand, the phase of pressing the disc for a material concretization, but also, the preparation for the live.

Because it is also there, the stake. Go on stage and present the fruit of this collaborative work to the Fuxéan public.

This will happen during the next edition of Foix’R’de rue, on June 24th and 25th. Not enough to impress Robin, a pianist, accustomed to going on stage. But it may be a little more complicated for others. “Despite everything, we will try to do a little unofficial scene, here at the youth center, to prepare everyone, and then on stage in Foix, we will see to play a few songs, not all”, concludes Cédric Rodriguez.

An album which this year, despite the presence of rather classical instruments, will have the merit of being eclectic with hip-hop and electro sounds. And a nice part left to the instrumental.