Fallen Dynasty, better think it’s a nod to Elden Ring (even if it’s melting your GPU)

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has already been released, although not everyone has liked it. It is not only that playable it can drag the odd problem typical of Team Ninja, but on PC, the situation is that of a port very poorly optimized. Such are the problems of the RPG that even connect with elden ringat least through a bug.

Performance issues, bugs, bugs and others in the game are leading the community upside down, and it is not for less. Perhaps the most irrelevant thing is that it doesn’t let you in, but when the game seems to be melting before your eyes, it is something that we can hardly pass up, although that seems to connect it with the Frenzied Flame of Miyazaki’s Elden Ring.

(SPOILER) One of the endings of the 2022 RPG, the Lord of the Frenzy Flame, is one of the most chaotic and destructive conclusions in the game. Yes ok we don’t want to gut full the plotwe do comment that this ending forces us to surrender to madness and destroy the whole world in our path.

What the player u/HenriqueXVI has found, and has published on his Reddit account, seems like a tribute from the Tokyo team to the work of Hidetaka Miyazaki, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, far from laughable of the situation, where his character in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty seems to have followed the same path as the Lord of the Frenzy Flame, the user talks about a bug that he ruined the gameand that he does not know how to solve.

In the comments there are those who even comment that if the same thing happened to him during his game, he would be scared because it seems that the GPU is melting, almost literally. Another player argues that the problem is caused by a bug what cause excessive use of the graphics card, between 99% and 100% when a certain area is reached. Apparently this unusual beak it will be maintained throughout the game, causing this aspect to be a constant and forcing us to restart the game.

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What is clear is that the Team Ninja team has a lot of work ahead of it. It is not only that the PC version has to be improved, but none of them is exempt from the most logical bugs and errors. This is one of them, and although it is hard on the eye, it is tremendously funny how the community compares it with Elden Ring to avoid falling into the madness of a somewhat problematic optimization.