Famous Gers magazine, the Duck Gascon will no longer appear

the essential
Created in 2005 by Jean-Louis Le Breton and distributed in 15,000 copies, the free magazine will no longer appear, as announced by Hugues de Lestapis, who took over the title in 2019.

This is news that will sadden many Gersois, attached to this free magazine distributed to 15000 copies throughout the department: the Duck Gascon “fold its wings”as Hugues de Lestapis, its publisher, wrote on Monday February 20.

The reasons for this stop are above all economic. “In a context of cost inflation, a free newspaper is struggling to find its balance, the outlook for 2023 was daunting”. Le Canard Gascon, a concept created in 2005 by Jean-Louis Le Breton, was taken over at the end of 2019 by Hugues de Lestapis, a journalist based in Lectoure. The latter will have published 13 issues in all until the last of Christmas 2022 (to be browsed on the site www.lecanardgascon.com).

“I have no regrets”

They were printed in Gimont and distributed in some 600 stores in the Gers and the Landes borders. “I have no regrets, assures Hugues de Lestapis, I have met wonderful people, I have told amazing stories, and I now know the Gers well. I am sufficiently attached to it to want to live other professional adventures there. We know where to find me.”