Fans criticized Disney+ for not keeping their word, but now one of the most acclaimed anime of recent years is premiering by surprise along with its new season.

Fans of the Japanese animation genre are in luck.


In October 2022, fans of the Bleach anime received the good news that the new season of the anime, titled Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War, would arrive at the same time as its broadcast in Japan but from Disney+ in international countries. . Everyone was expectant, but when that long-awaited day arrived, the platform of streaming He did not echo the news or give explanations.

Months later, Disney has released by surprise the 16 seasons of Bleach together with the new installment titled Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War. Since March 15, you can see the anime series on Disney + as announced on their social networks:

The story of what would be considered the 17th season of Bleach continues after the events of the end of the 16th season that premiered in 2012, thus giving way to the adaptation of the manga arc titled Thousand-Year Blood War. Its passage through other countries has positioned it as one of the best installments of anime.

Knowing the existence of the Quincy, eternal enemies of the Shinigami, will now result in an all out war between the Shinigami and the Wandenreich, a group belonging to Quincy. The world of Soul Society is also under siege from a dramatic imbalance of Hollows being destroyed. All this conflict makes Ichigo returns to action.

Disney+ will also include original anime in its catalog: ‘Twisted Wonderland’ will be its first adaptation

Finally, Disney+ is indeed adding anime to its extensive catalog. As is the case with Tokyo Revengers, an anime that can also be enjoyed on the streaming platform. In addition, the Mickey Mouse company has already opted for this genre by creating its first original anime series titled Twisted Wonderland.

The anime is an adaptation of the homonymous mobile video game very much like Disney, whose main character is Yuu, who is suddenly transported to a magical world, specifically to a mysterious magic school called Night Ravens College. There you will find houses in the purest Harry Potter style related to mythical Disney characters, such as the Heartslabyul House with the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland or the Savanclaw House with Scar from The Lion King.