Fencing and cello lessons or twelve-hour rehearsals: What hasn’t been seen behind Jenna Ortega’s preparation as Wednesday

The second season has already been confirmed by Netflix, but the exact date of its premiere is still unknown.


Making a new version of Wednesday for the small screen has been a complicated task, especially for its protagonist, Jenna Ortega, the one in charge of taking over from Christina Ricci as the last daughter of the Addams.

In the Netflix series we have been able to discover some facets of Wednesday that we had not known about her before. From being an expert in fencing to playing the cello like nobody else. But, all these talents have not been integrated into Ortega, rather, based on training and long hours of practice, she has become an expert in these skills.

During an interview, the actress shared with the interviewer her daily routine to get into the skin of Wednesday. “She woke me up at 5:30 in the morning to start the wardrobe and makeup team and thus become Wednesday,” says the actress. Later, she expected 12 hours of filming to shape the eight episodes that make up the first season.

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On previous occasions, the interpreter has assured that she loves risk and tries, whenever she can, to do her own action scenes; and so it has been on Wednesday. The fencing battle scenes were made by the actress, for this she took classes every day and practiced with specialists.

But, in addition to her passion for action scenes, the actress took cello lessons before and during filming. Therefore, unlike other titles, the scenes in which you see Ortega playing the string instrument are performed by herself, without any double.