‘Feria’: A sect, terror, ‘thriller’ and fateful creatures, in the new Spanish Netflix series

The platform presents the disturbing trailer for the Agustín Martínez mystery series, which will arrive on the platform on January 29.

“So our parents were some kind of enlightened?” That is the question posed to the researchers by one of the two sisters, Eva (Ana Tomeno) and Sofía (Carla Campra), who star in Fair, the darkest light, the new one thriller and mystery mini series Spanish that will hit the platform on January 28.

The series tells the story of two teenage sisters who discover that their parents could be murderers. The two will have to face the horrible crime that their parents seem to have committed, who, before disappearing, may have left 23 victims behind. How are these sisters going to survive in a town that hates them? Is it possible that they knew their parents so little, or is there a reason why they were involved in this event? This is the journey that Eva and Sofía will undertake in Feria, an Andalusian town where reality hides a fantastic universe.

Created by Agustín Martínez (The hunt. Monteperdido) and Carlos Montero (Elite, The mess you leave) and directed by Jorge Dorado and Carles Torrens, The 8-episode trailer for the series introduces us to the Cult of Light sect, secretly rooted in its people for centuries, and a possible mass suicide in an old mine in which the girls’ parents could be involved.

“You are 17 years old, you live in Andalusia in the 90s and one day you and your sister discover that your parents have been accused of killing more than twenty people. They have left you alone before a people that asks for justice and revenge “, this is how the directors of this mystery-horror creation introduce their fiction.

And they add: “There is also a sect, music grunge, fantastic beings, the Andalusian sun and a mine that looks like a labyrinth. TI heard this and much more is Fair: The darkest light. An ambitious concept that needed a platform like Netflix that would dare to produce it. And they got on board right away “

It’s inquietante mystery thriller is set in a small white town in the Andalusian mountains, where its inhabitants are not as naive as they appear and where reality hides a chilling fantastic universe, sometimes reminiscent of Álex de la Iglesia’s proposal, 30 coins.

The main cast is headed by the young actresses Carla Campra (Ladies of (h) AMPA, Everybody knows) Y Ana Tomeno (The minimal island). Isak Férriz completes the cast (Giants), Marta Nieto (Mother), Angela Cremonte (Cable girls), Patricia López Arnaiz (While the war lasts,
The daughter), and Ernest Villegas (Night and day) and has been produced by Filmax.