FIFA 23 – Career Mode: Modify your player’s personality to enhance your attributes and dominate various areas on the pitch – FIFA 23

The career mode for a player of FIFA 23 has more functionalities apart from just configuring our player, training him, and play games with him. The game options propose us to manage other aspects beyond the simple performance of our role as part of a soccer eleven.

It is the case of Personality sectiona feature linked to the progression of our player that will make our attributes improve slightly by performing actions related to their three archetypes, both on and off the field. In this post we explain what exactly this feature of the EA Sports game consists of.

What is Personality in FIFA 23

Personality in FIFA 23 is a progression branch of our player over which we do not have “direct” control. We cannot apply skill points to it as we would on our attributes, and affects more than one of these by going up and improving.

Personality Summary

The closest thing we could find to her in games with RPG mechanics -and of those FIFA has been adding the occasional new one with each installment- is the alignment of our character. Applied to the game, this is what our actions on the field and off it, we will lean more towards one type of personality or another, and consequently the attributes of our statistics related to them will increase if we perform more actions related to one of said archetypes.

Personality Archetype Types

exist three models or personality archetypes in the game, Rebel, Currante, and Altruistic. Each of them is positively influenced by our actions in the game; it is not possible to lose points on this feature. Seen in more detail:

  • Rebel: He is the type of player you are looking for individualities and stands out for getting great solo plays. In matches, dribbling, successful skill moves, scoring goals, or making successful tackles will earn extra points in this archetype. It is usually the personality dominant in attackers First line, although defenders due to their ability to intercept and make successful tackles can also have this personality as the dominant one, but it is less common.
  • Eager beaver: The workers they work for the team. His actions are aimed at victory even if they do not mean scoring goals (although he also improves by scoring goals, which is less than rebellious), but the actions that enhance this trait or personality archetype are: the great races with the ball at one’s feet, intercepting opposing passes or successfully placing an opposing player offside. Usually dominant in midfieldersbut it is even more so in the defenses and the goalkeeper.
  • Altruistic: Similar to Currante, but need team action successful in order to grow. The altruist plays for one or more of his companions. Carry out various types of passes (to the gap, crosses, long or short) is the most basic way -and almost the only one- to increase the points of Altruist, but you must be attentive since it is the most difficult to cultivate, because it does not depend exclusively on you. If you give a pass but it is intercepted by the opponent (either because you miscalculated or your partner was not paying attention) it will have been useless. The defenses are usually the most altruistic can be altruisticbut it will also abound in midfielders and defensive midfielders.

Influence of personality on statistics

personality is a complement to improve our average as players. Going back to make a comparison with RPG-type games, it translates as a permanent buff to a few statistics associated with the personality trait or archetype.

Personality Influence

Improving one implies getting some slight improvements in the attributes associated with it, so it is a factor that you must take into account when developing your progression as a player on a professional team. Consequently, be sure to perform various actions to improve your personality and get some permanent “buffs” for attributes that may interest you. Also keep in mind that personality dominant it will make the boost of the attributes assigned to it higher.

add that there is three levels or “Tiers” personality too. When you accumulate enough personality points between the three archetypes, the bonus for all will be greater.

How to improve an archetype in FIFA 23

As we have already explained to you, the actions you perform in the encounters are yours. main source of improvement of personality. Even if you or your teammates fail to complete a play, having started it and ended it with a dangerous attack (forcing the goalkeeper to deflect the ball or stop it) will count towards improving it. Of course, if you score a goal, or the teammate with whom you collaborated in the play, the profit it will be much bigger. In defensive roles, the equivalent of winning a goal would be blocking a shot on empty goal (or making a save if we play as a goalkeeper), although it is difficult to achieve, not to say risky.

Personality In Match

Scoring a goal implies a greater personality gain in Rebelde and Currante than performing simple actions.

However, the game is not limited to forcing us to play matches to improve it; exist some complementary forms of progression to personality. You have already seen the first one, the training sessions. In addition to giving you experience that you can then invest in your attributes, it also will affect your earnings of personality depending on the type chosen. And this will also increase more or less depending on the results.

Match Goal

They are also on the pitch goals for the meeting. Although these have more to do with the trainer’s perception of you, completing them will also give you a point bonus to your personalityespecially the one you choose to boost (we’ll cover that in another post).

Finally, there are the activities or events off the field of play. These are options that you can choose to enhance a specific personality trait. there are of two typesthe random ones and those that you can complete to your liking by season


sporadic activity

The random ones arise sporadically throughout a season, and are usually related to recent team events, holidays (Christmas, Halloween etc.), or your own results. Normally they give us the option of improving two of the three personality traits, although there will be times when they will only allow us one. Also keep in mind that they are temporary; If after a date you have not selected one of the options that is proposed to you with them, will be lost and you will not be able to repeat it until it arises again.

Seasonal activities (shopping)

A la carte activities

These are part of a list of actions that they are always available for your player and that serve to enhance one of the three archetypes to your liking. In real life they translate into satisfy the whims of a footballer They are usually renewed at the beginning of each new league season, although personality gains are less varied and to a lesser extent than the sporadic ones. Some will even require a certain investment of your salary, which means that at first you will not be able to do them, but the advantage is that there are some of them that improve slightly and directly one of your attributes Or they will make you gain more experience.

Should I choose only one personality archetype?

Carrying a balance of personality between the three available in FIFA 23 is possible, and to some extent recommended but very difficult. Your role in the team does not allow you to make your actions more flexible. A Forward will perform fewer defense actions and assists than a defender or center midfielder. In the same way, a defender will not score as many goals as a striker or center midfielder and will not increase your hard worker and rebel points as much as they do.

Anyway, do not obsess with personality traits. They serve to enhance your game and “role” a bit in FIFA 23, but they are by no means the determining factor for success in your career. In the same way, either we recommend that completely ignore any of the three traits. As little as you have personality in one of them, you will notice it in your statistics. In the end, it’s the same as when you level up a player: enhance what helps you and it is decisive in your role, but try to beef up what is not your responsibility in case you ever need it.

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