FIFA 23 – SBC Centurions 4 and Upgrade 82+: Are they worth it? Cheap Solutions – FIFA 23

We continue with the template creation challenges of FIFA 23 with which we incorporate new stars or get various rewards for our Ultimate Team of the well-known soccer game of Electronic Arts.

Today we come with a double lightning proposal centered around the Centurions event: the fourth Challenge of the Centurions who will provide us with a special envelope, and one of Upgrade 82+ that will provide us with another player with a guaranteed high average. Each one has a single scenario and here we will offer you the solutions cheaper and more affordable and if they are worth doing.

Centurions 4 Challenges and Upgrade 82+

Dcp Special Envelope Award

We combine in this entry the two challenges due to their simplicity, we anticipate that They will not be very expensive or especially complex. Starting with the fourth challenge of the centurions, we are talking about one with a single scenario of the complex type; it will be necessary to square chemicals and minimums and maximums of representation. The prize is a Electro Prime Players Pack and will have a validity of two daysuntil the day after tomorrow.

The second is one of improvement of 82+, quite simpler and offers us another on which it has among its content a Rare Gold player with OVR 82 or higher guaranteed. His validity is somewhat longer than that of his brother, three days, that is, until Thursday. The scenarios that you will find in each challenge are the following:

Centurions Challenge 4

  • Aim: Complete this challenge to get a reward.
  • Requirements: Average rating of 75 and chemistry of 23; at least a unique player Y 2 from the same country or region; a maximum of 5 leagues represented and 5 players from the same club at most.
Solution Centurions 4


you already know that the main difficulty One of these complex challenges is matching chemistry with nationalities, clubs, leagues and countries. Here is added the requirement of a unique playerbut we have chosen to put three not only because it does not specify the quality of said unique, but because it helps to reinforce mean.

That being said, you should set the cut with Smalling, Mancini, Cragno, Beto and Freuler as shown in the image. Except Freulerothers they should take their place usual, which will mean a disbursement of 2,205 coins. Later you are going to need players who play in their positions and who do not exceed the maximum. The korean foursome that you see in the image (with only two for the requirement) will take care of increasing the chemistry, and you can add the Japanese Ogawa which still does not break the maximum of region and help for chemistry with his partner Lee Han Beom.

The last hole is for Sweeney who can play for free. Except Jeong Seong Won (250)all these figures cost 200 FUT coins, so the set should come out for an amount of 3,900 on consoles or 4,700 on PC.

82+ improvement

  • Aim: Get a pack containing a Rare Gold player OVR 82 or higher.
  • Requirements: Only 7 players, all Gold quality; at least 4 unique.
Improvement 82 Solution


much simpler than even the easiest ones we usually cover, as it only requires about two thirds of a template, and also not very demanding. No stockings, so just search the cheapest options that meet the requirements.

Lobotka, Gray, and the two players with versions of Comebol (Rojas and Villa) would cost us the modest price of 2,750 FUT Coins. The others three gaps can be filled at your free will as long as they are gold players, but not you should spend more than 500 per head at these levels and qualities of player. The result is affordable 4,250 coins on consoles or 4,400 on PC.

Are Centurions 4 and Upgrade 82+ SBCs worth it?

They are essentially SBCs for reinforce your quarry at a reduced price and have additional stockings, and considering the proximity of the Team of the Year event and the arrival of the TOTY Icons, allows us to get some reinforcements and light emoluments for what we can get in their hypothetical SBCsor you can keep the packs unopened to try your luck with the RNG.

Only a precaution: If the players proposed in the solution go up a lot in price, you may want to think about it, unless you have enough liquidity to complete it without itching your pocket. Alternatively, we recommend looking in your “album” non-transferable that you have repeated of low socks and that you want to exchange in one of these scenarios. As said, resupply and saving resources.

Remember as always that these prices can fluctuate at any time, but in general the values ​​that we have given you should allow you to achieve it without going out of budgetthat if you want to learn to economize it to be able to play in Ultimate Team there are a few recommended options for those who are starting in the game.

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