FIFA 23 – SBC Maldini Basic Icon: Is it worth it? Cheap Solutions – FIFA 23

We continue with the FIFA 23 squad creation challenges with which we incorporate new stars or get various rewards for our Ultimate Team of the well-known soccer game of Electronic Arts.

This SBC is centered around Paolo Maldiniwith an edition of Medium Icon, and with six scenarios to complete if we want to incorporate it into our “album” of players. In this guide we tell you the solutions cheaper and more affordable for it and if it is worth it.

Carta Paolo Maldini Medium Icon

Paolo Maldini Stats Icon

One of the legends of the Azzurra and that he used to play in central or wing positions (as in this case by default of Left side) is Paolo Maldini and that in this Basic Icon card with some somewhat mixed statistics, but not for that reason negligible or have no potential. As a left back or pure central it will not be efficient, better to say it here and now. But if we look at his vspeed and defense Taken together it is clear that it can be a more than hard obstacle for the opponent’s attacking line.

acceleration and speed very good and an excellent interception capability that combines with a resistance that will make us forget about having to change him at some point in the match except for injury, although he is probably the one who makes the chances due to his 90 tickets. In dribbling, except for anticipation and composure, he does not stand out, and it will be better that center the ball once I steal it; more by short pass than with a center, although he will comply in both areas. Your unique feature it’s aggressive inputs.

Challenge Paolo Maldini Medium Icon

This SBC has six scenarios to complete and expire within 20 days (January 29). The tests are as follows:

Legend Cream

  • Aim: Exchange a squad containing unique bronze players.
  • Requirements: Exclusively unique Bronze players.
Maldini Legend Nata


Like almost all of the initial settings for the icons, nothing new under the sun, although here it is seen that they want them all unique; It’s also not a Herculean task (we’ll get to those later). Just get the unique bronze players cheaper that you see in the market.

Everyone is at 200 coins, which means that the first amount will be affordable and derisory 2,250 FUT coins on consoles or 2,200 on PC.

new promise

  • Aim: Exchange a squad silver players.
  • Requirements: Exclusively unique Silver players.
Maldini New Promise


And the same with other second scenarios, there is no news either, although perhaps some slight price variables between the odd player. What Sâyoudwho stands out from his other ten teammates by being worth 550 instead of 400 coins as the set.

Add that here too they must be unique in its category like the Bronze ones, only now Silver like is logic. Little quantity in set too: 4,550 coins on consoles or 7,250 on PC.

Il Capitano

  • Aim: Complete this themed challenge focused on Maldini’s days with AC Milan.
  • Requirements: Average rating of 83; at least 1 AC Milan player in the eleven
Maldini Il Capitano


We reached the middle of the challenge with a scenario that is already somewhat more typical but not convoluted either. Are not necessary cheaper options, we can focus on medium anchors. The most “expensive” of them will be Jesús Navas and Fernando for 2,600 FUT coins both.

This leaves us as a requirement to get another six footballers from GRL 83 with prices that should be in 1,200 coins per head The two remaining gaps are completed with two economic options: Orban for 650 and ibrahimovic (which is who we need from AC Milan) for 750. The set should come out by an amount of 12,400 on consoles or 12,450 on PC.

Azzurri Squad

  • Aim: Complete this thematic challenge focused on the days of Maldini with your selection.
  • Requirements: Average rating of 84; at least 1 player from Italy in the eleven.
Maldini Squadra Azzurra


Maldini’s days with his team ask us to Gerard Moreno as the only upper cut option to lower stockings and prices per 7,900 coins. We continue with six options from anchor to medium (GRL 84), the most expensive of which is Bastoni for 4,800 and the cheapest Oyarzabal for 3,500. The other four are between that ceiling and that minimum.

We close the eleven, in descending order of prices, with: Zapata, Gimenez, David Silva and Azpilicueta for a sub amount by them of 4,500. Which leaves us with an approximate price for this scenario of 35,800 on consoles or 36,000 on PC.

league legend

  • Aim: Complete this themed challenge focused on Maldini’s days in the Seria A TIM league.
  • Requirements: Average rating of 86; at least 1 player from Serie A TIM in the eleven.
Maldini League Legend


We start the first stage of the last third already scratching our pockets with Kroos, ter Stegen, Navas and Modric for the painful number of 97,750. At least that makes it easier for the seven holes remaining are all economic options of GRL 83.

the more expensive it will be Shoe for 1,300 and the cheapest Firminho for 1.100. Which does not prevent the total amount for Maldini’s stage in his league from exceeding six figures with a price of 106,250 FUT coins on consoles or 110,400 on PC.

GRL 87

  • Aim: Exchange a rating template 87.
  • Requirements: Average rating of 87.
Maldini Grl 87


And finally, and as is also usual in the Icons challenges, the last scenario does not ask us for much and at the same time it asks us for almost everything (at least in liquidity). Until six options top cut GRL 88 we will need to start. Some already seen in other scenarios, others new now as Sule or Silva. The fact is that only in them will the scandalous number of 145,750 FUT Coins.

Fortunately, there is no longer a need for further outlays and we can settle for five economic options whose most expensive exponent will be Luis Alberto for 1,300 coins; the others for 1,200. The final amount should be around 151,850 coins in consoles or the 157,900 on PC.

Is the Paolo Maldini Medium Icon SBC worth it?

If you were thinking of using it as a center, forget itit is not worth the effort, especially since there are many options top who can currently occupy that position, as Jairzinho -Although its price is prohibitive, just like Maldini’s, let’s not fool ourselves.

However, when we consider the possibility of incorporate it as a defense, everything changes and for the better, except the price unfortunately. Also say that if you have non-transferable stockings left over and that if you want it as a defender, it is a most appetizing SBC and to a certain extent “economical” since it is notor exceed 500,000 FUT Coins between all scenarios.

Remember as always that these prices can fluctuate at any time, but in general the values ​​that we have given you should allow you to achieve it without going out of budgetthat if you want to learn to economize it to be able to play in Ultimate Team there are a few recommended options for those who are starting in the game.

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