FIFA 23 – SBC Raúl García Centurión: Is it worth it? Cheap Solution – FIFA 23

We continue with the FIFA 23 squad creation challenges with which we incorporate new stars or get various rewards for our Ultimate Team of the well-known soccer game of Electronic Arts.

And we also continue with the coverage of the challenges that Centurion versions of some of the players will grant us most notorious of the moment. You already know that they will focus on players with more than a hundred awards in their careers; in this SBC we are offered to Raul Garcia in his version of Centurion. In this post we will explain the solution cheaper and more affordable for his only stage and we will assess whether to get the star of the Spanish league worth it.

Letter from Raúl García Centurión

Raul Garcia Stats

The center forward Athletic Club de Bilbao has in this version of Centurión a player that we could define with various chiaroscuro. For now, he is not exactly a very competitive striker: he is slow in speed although acceleration looks good; enough strength and aggressiveness, but a resistance that does not quite accompany.

To this we must add some shooting statistics that seem to fit together until we see their three stars in bad leg, which will subtract many integers in efficiency in order to finish off. Where he does seem to excel is in the passes. All the types of assistance he will know how to do them with correction, something curious for someone who plays in his position. Set pieces are not recommended, but long shot looks like another player, as attested his features Quality and Outdoor Shooting, as well as Leadership, Chilean Shots and Long Shots.

Raúl García Centurion Challenge

This SBC has a single scenario to complete and expire in eight days (January 24):

Raul Garcia Centurion

  • Aim: Beat Raúl García Centuriones from FUT special.
  • Requirements: Average rating of 83, and at least 1 player from LaLiga Santander and 1 from TOTW.
Raul Garcia Solution


Average She’s not really tallso if we do not choose well we can make more expensive slightly the SBC without needing to by TOTW player. With what we get to Roberts (11,250) should be more than enough to fulfill the rest.

That is, eight options anchorage to average with prices between 1,000 coinIt’s the cheapest options and up to 1,400 the most expensive like gimenez. We close with Orban and Fabianski of GRL 82 for 1,450 FUT coins. The set should come out by an amount of 22,100 on consoles or 22,450 on PC.

Is the SBC Raúl García Centurión worth it?

For his mixed stats we do not recommend it. It is cheap there is no doubt, but it is precisely because he does not stand out too much as a center forward. Only if you have from some player in transferable form but that you do not know how to fit into a template and you can sacrifice in this SBC.

Before him we would recommend other centurions that have been coming out, and averages higher than yours. It is one of those few cases where the added value of the special letter does not compensate and almost that it is better to save.

Remember as always that these prices can fluctuate at any time, but in general the values ​​that we have given you should allow you to achieve it without going out of budgetthat if you want to learn to economize it to be able to play in Ultimate Team there are a few recommended options for those who are starting in the game.

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