FIFA 23 Ultimate Team – 80+ Player’s Choice SBC: Is it worth it? Cheap Solution – FIFA 23

We continue with the FIFA 23 squad creation challenges with which we incorporate new stars or get various rewards for our Ultimate Team of the well-known soccer game of Electronic Arts.

We come with a new SBC that still allows us to choose our prize; a new simple scenario monkey, repeatable, and with which, on this occasion, he gives us a choice between two player options GRL 80 or higher. we explain what does it consist ofa possible solution cheap and affordable and if it’s worth it

SBC Player’s Choice 80+

Choice Award 80

It hasn’t been long since the last SBC that allowed us to choose our prize from several options and here we have a new one. Not with so many options just twobut with a rather attractive average OVR, 80 or higher to be exact. And in fact, easier than usual, well, no. requires a full eleven.

About the details of this SBC, it consists of a single scenario with that reduced requirement of players already mentioned. Its durability is somewhat short, only until the day February 16thBut it can repeat as many times as we wantSo it’s a matter of taking advantage of it.

Player Choice 80+

  • Aim: Complete the scenario to choose a player of OVR 80 or higher.
  • Requirements: Only 8 players in the squad; minimum quality of players, gold; at least 1 unique player between them.
Player Choice Challenge Solution


As you can see, this is a “half” template SBC, which will make it much easier to achieve (and repeat). only puts us quality requirement, that is, it is enough that you have gold players regardless of the average. In the proposed solution, the most expensive here would be Burian for 650 being him single playerand of CONMEBOL Gold quality.

The other seven holes have no greater mystery than filling them with regular gold players; go for the cheapest ones, which shouldn’t exceed the 600 coins as in the case of yaziciand stay in the spectrum of the 550 or even 500 in the case of others. The set should come out by an amount of 4,550 coins on consoles or 4,250 on PC.

Is the 80+ Player Choice SBC worth it?

I would personally recommend it to you. It is not complicated at all to have non-transferable stockings that are not subject to a specific gold GRL. The only stumbling block would be to get that unique player but it is clear that it is not an expensive operation in the non-transferable market.

If anything, as a drawback, mention the randomness of the prize, but in any case you can reinvest it in a repetition if you are not convinced by what you have come out with in the election, so it is a scenario that is amortized without many problems, with which the economic or media losses will be almost negligible.

Remember as always that these prices can fluctuate at any time, but in general the values ​​that we have given you should allow you to achieve it without going out of budgetthat if you want to learn to economize it to be able to play in Ultimate Team there are a few recommended options for those who are starting in the game.

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