FIFA 23 Ultimate Team – SBC Walcott Player Flashback: Is it worth it? Cheap Solutions – FIFA 23

We continue with the FIFA 23 squad creation challenges with which we incorporate new stars or get various rewards for our Ultimate Team of the well-known soccer game of Electronic Arts.

This SBC is not part of the recent Future Stars promotion, although its icon in the menu makes us think otherwise. We return to Players Flashback, this time featuring Theo Wallcott of the Premier League with a card. By numbers he convinces, but we also want to give you some cheap and affordable solutions if possible and worth it.

Theo Walcott Flashback Letter

Wallacot Flashback Stst

The Southampton right winger stands out in this version for his amazing rhythm, with statistics that we have only recently seen in the Team of the Year. However, it is the only thing really noteworthy of this version. It’s not that I don’t stand out in shots, passes or dribbles, but compared to some recent letters do not kill”. Yes, it is fair to recognize his shooting values ​​at all levels except the distance, and although he is not short of passes either, his poor vision does not compensate for his other attributes in crosses or passes, at least in the long.

in dribbles it can be said that it compliesbut when we look at the physique and see the tall and thin body type -even though he has good stamina- his strength is poor and with a very tepid aggression. He’s a finisher, no doubt about it, but he’ll have trouble sneaking through the defense on set plays or gaining position with those numbers, and he’ll be priority defense objective.

SBC Walcott Flashback

This SBC has two scenarios to complete and expire in six days (February 12). The tests are as follows:


  • Aim: Exchange a squad with players from England.
  • Requirements: Average rating of 83; at least 1 England player in the XI and one OVR 85 or higher.
Walcott England Solution


The average is high, although thanks to the requirement of a player GRL 85 or higher (as Acuña for 13,500 FUT coins) the cheapening would already be fixed. Starting from that base, we will still need five medium anchor options GRL 83. Three of them are worth or should be around 1,300 coins per beardand Giménez and Unai Simón should be somewhat cheaper for 2,300 the pair.

The rest of the eleven can be completed with five economic figures: three ORG 82 for 2,300and two of 81 for 1,050. The set should be around the final price of 23,050 coins on consoles or 24,250 on PC.

Premier League

  • Aim: Trade a squad that includes players from the Premier League.
  • Requirements: Average rating of 86 and at least 1 Premier League player in the eleven.
Walcott Premier Solution


There is a big difference in prices with the previous one due to that average of OVR 86. halland and navas They are the first reductions in average (not in price) due to 63,500 coins. They should be followed by reinforcements from GRL 87 as Müller and Verratti for 48,500 coins, with which we already passed the 100,000 barrier.

After this, and in decreasing order of OVR and price, they will be accurate. five figures of GRL 84: Calanghou for 5,100; Partey, Bounou and James for 4,900 each; Pellegrini for 4,700. Closure is achieved with Unai Simón and Griezmann of GRL 83 for a small sum of 2,400 coins. In total, this scenario comes out for the nothing modest figure of 138,900 on consoles or 145,900 on PC.

Is the SBC Walcott Flashback worth it?

To quickly clear up the doubt, No. Although in numbers it is not bad at all, its second scenario is too inflated in price and requirements for what it offers, and more if we take into account that SBCs have come out this weekend that have offered us much better letters proportionally speaking.

It has an excellent Rhythm, I do not deny it, but unless you are looking for put the team to work for him, not worth it. There are players in that position who they perform better that although they are slower, they have best chemicals and they are more stable and more resistant with the ball at their feet. Definitely drop by waiting for something better to come this week or focus on previous challenges.

Remember as always that these prices can fluctuate at any time, but in general the values ​​that we have given you should allow you to achieve it without going out of budgetthat if you want to learn to economize it to be able to play in Ultimate Team there are a few recommended options for those who are starting in the game.

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