FIFA 23 will bring a new type of Icon player based on the Team of the Year (TOTY): we tell you what they consist of and how to get them – FIFA 23

It’s that time of year where many players of all levels of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team start making their predictions and pools for which are the most anticipated cards of the entire season: Those of the Team of the Year (TOTY) for which you can already vote.

But this year EA Sports wants to surprise us with something special, a new type of cards that will presumably accompany the most coveted -and expensive on the market- that represent soccer world elite united in the Dream Team of 2022: those of TOTY icon and of alternate reality, based on historical figures from previous editions of teams of the previous year. We tell you what exactly they are and how to prepare for their arrival.

Letters from TOTY and Alternative Reality Icons

Before we start we want to tell you that all this information is provisional. While there are indications that a new type of card with these names could be coming to FIFA 23 very soon, officially there hasn’t been yet confirmation by EA. We are only led to think so by the fact that in the web app code base lines have appeared containing these terms: “Alternate Reality ICON” and “TOTY ICON”.

Having said that,what could they be These new cards that will arrive as teammates of the Team of the Year? Well, as we have already mentioned in the introduction, Players Icon versions who in the past had an edition of their letters as part of a TOTY. And the best thing is that the list of possible candidates it is long and classy: Casillas, Lahm, Rooney, Kaka, Ferdinand, Vidic… and many more, but just to give you some examples.

All Icons 1

That by the TOTY Icons, although references have also been found to other termIt’s like those of alternate reality. Of the latter, the information we have is very little. The theory that makes more sense between fans and social networks is that they would be Icon versions of players who they did not have a TOTY in his time buttime could come in to still be active. Examples to roughly we would find Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Xavi, Zidanne or Thierry Henry to mention some great ones who have passed through our football and in all probability they would have been TOTY to exist that category of Ultimate Team -or the game itself- in its time.

Toty Icons 2

How to get the TOTY and these possible variants

Come what may, the best way to maximize your odds to get any card from these coveted players is one that will force you to be very conservative with how to perform SBCs or spend cards in the process.

If in any of the SBC that you can do right now it includes as a prize an envelope with Icon-type players, don’t open it. Wait for the event to start, since the algorithm that determines the content of the envelopes does not take into account the moment in which they were acquired or obtained at the time of disclosing their content.

On the other hand, it is quite possible that we will see several SBCs centered around of these new types of letters or that they award an envelope that can contain them as a prize. Consequently, you can already imagine that they won’t be cheapespecially if we consider that the base price of many SBCs to complete It is usually very close to a million of FUT coins. Regarding your liquidity, if what you want is “farming” coinsyou should know that the prices of your most valuable players are gradually lowering little by little as it gets closer the date of the TOTY disclosure.

Example Scenario

If we consider the price of this scenario (more than 300,000) for a Basic Icon and remember that per SBC there are usually a minimum of 6, which can go up to 12, then the price to complete those of the new cards could be around a million coins – FIFA 23(EA) (FUTBIN)

This means that until next day 19 your higher quality players will see their price reduced. What you have to do is sell them ASAP (as long as they are transferable). With the profits you will get emoluments for fund those SBCs or buy special packs that are expected to appear. If you are not sure that you have sold the correct player or you have reconsidered, as its price depreciates, you can recover it for less than what you chargedwith which it is a safe investment and that implies little risk if you are attentive.

If you want more information about these methods to play with the market when facing the TOTY, in the official ea sports twitter account There is a series of advice provided for this purpose in its space “El Córner”:

you already know, be cautious with how you spend your precious FUT Coins and review your “quarry” in Ultimate Team to know what figures can swell the funds of your club to get hold of as many TOTY letters and are you possible new versions when they come out We will continue to regularly provide you with SBCs and other information on FIFA 23 in 3DGames and in its Guides and Tricks section.