Figaro & Co celebrates its 30th anniversary!

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The Cie Figaro & Co created by Gilles Ramade is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Well-known shows and new projects abound for this season…

For 30 years that Gilles Ramade and the Figaro & Co company have been raging on the boards and sets here and elsewhere, the subjects, characters, themes, plays, songs are countless! “I was making a career as an opera singer, confides the artist, and I did not feel in my place in this profession. It was brilliant, I was playing at the Geneva Opera, with José van Dam, with great directors, in splendid productions but I preferred to become a smaller craftsman and to be my master on board. I wanted to write, to direct, to try things and I believe that I always had trouble with authority. While in my job I am very authoritarian, the whole paradox is there! (laughs)” So, in 1992, here is “Try to remember” on the Bijou stage, already 30 years in back. “We are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the company, it is both young and it represents a great journey because it means several hundred shows, creations, happiness, and four hundred and fifty artists employed including Amandine Bourgeois, Christelle Chollet or Vincent Niclo.

And then some absolutely brilliant stuff that didn’t interest the public. It puts things a little in their place and at the same time these are the joys and sorrows of the profession.

Piano Furioso and Romeo hates Juliet

But this Saturday, one of Gilles Ramade’s great artistic experiences, “Piano Furioso Opus 2”, directed by Jérémy Ferrari, will have the honors of the Comédie de Toulouse: “It was a great, human and artistic encounter that I found it brilliant. I discovered a real director, a real playwright, he brought me a lot, so it was pleasant. And I am happy, even today, to please people by presenting this show again that I played a lot in Paris, France, Switzerland, Tunisia, Belgium but not a lot in Toulouse actually.” And the obvious pleasure that the musician-performer takes is a pleasure to see, to experience in a performance hall. But one wonders where Gilles Ramade draws his energy! In October, revival of “Romeo hates Juliette” which has become “a kind of chestnut tree”, in December the opera for children “Les Enfants du Levant” written by Isabelle Aboulker which will be given with the choir Les Éclats and the Orchester du Capitole on December 4 at the Halle aux Grains. Then will come the time of “100 years of music hall” at the Grenier Théâtre (January 2023) and the adaptation of Stephen King’s book, “Shining”, next March in the form of a comedy-ballet. Like what, 30 years is the beginning of the journey…

“Piano Furioso Opus 2” on Saturday September 24 at 8:30 p.m. at the Comédie de Toulouse (16, rue Saint Germier). Prices: 24 and 20 euros. Such. 05 34 44 16 70.
“Roméo hates Juliette” on Saturday October 15 at 9 p.m. at Studio 55 (55, avenue Louis Bréguet). Such. 06 48 31 00 49.