Filming begins on ‘Across the sea’: This is the sequel to ‘Through my window’ that continues the love story of Raquel and Ares

Clara Galle and Julio Peña once again get into the shoes of the protagonists of the story. Marçal Forés is placed behind the cameras of the Netflix film.

The story of Raquel Y Ares will continue on Netflix with Across the seathe sequel to through my window. The first installment of the saga, based on the homonymous novel by Ariana Godoy, was a success for the streaming platform and they want to continue exploiting the romance between the characters played by Clara Galle and Julio Peña. Netflix has announced through an official statement that Across the sea filming has already started.

The streaming platform has also shared an image of the cast that you can see below:

Marçal Forés repeats as director in Across the sea after being placed behind the cameras of the first installment. The author of the novels will also be involved in the sequel project. As for the cast,In addition to Galle and Peña, Hugo Arbués, Eric Masip, Natalia Azahara, Guillermo Lasheras and Emilia Lazo return. Among the new signings are Andrea Chaparro, Ivan Lapadaula and Carla Tous.

Across the sea filming began last April 4 in Catalonia and it will be an unpublished story of Raquel and Ares. In this sequel, the couple will face more than one challenge in their relationship. The characters of the first installment, Artemis, Apollo, Yoshi, Daniel Y Claudia; They will accompany you on this new adventure.

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The direction that Netflix has taken in the face of the sequel to through my window may throw off some fans of the books. The second novel of the trilogy written by Godoy is entitled Through you and follow the relationship between Artemisolder brother of Ares, and Claudia, the daughter of the service woman who works at the Hidalgo family’s house. the third book, through the raintells the story of the Hidalgo’s younger brother: Apollo.

Across the sea is one of the two sequels of through my window that prepares Netflix. The streaming platform announced in February of this year its plan to continue the story of Raquel and Ares with two more films.

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