Final Fantasy XVI is a temporary PlayStation 5 exclusive, but why isn’t it coming out on PS4? -Final Fantasy XVI

In recent days we have learned more than final fantasy 16 due to the presentations for the press that he has carried out Square Enix. In them, we have been able to speak with those responsible for the new numbered installment of the legendary saga, and one of the most common questions had to do with the launch exclusivity on PS5.

The game producer, Naoki Yoshidaalready explained why the game is exclusive to PlayStation for the first six months since its launch in the middle of this year, but it has also answered the question of Why doesn’t it come out for the previous generation? of consoles. In a interview with IGNhas commented the following in this regard:

“As the battle with Ifrit and Garuda happens and you have that big fight (in the demo), PS5 is loading in the background the next scene. It is being prepared so that we can move on to it without any problems.”

Likewise, the combat director, ryoto suzukidelves into the reasons why it will not only reach PlayStation 4, pointing to the memory of the new generation machine from Sony and the transfer speed of the SSD disk:

“It’s graphing the fists, the claws and the wings (of Eikon’s abilities), all in real time in these beautiful graphics and having all these different options. Being able to do all of that seamlessly with low times is possible because of the power of PlayStation 5. If we didn’t have the memory that PlayStation 5 has, nor the SSD transfer speedright now we would still be in development.”


We have already tried it

If you want to delve into what the Final Fantasy XVI experience is like on Sony’s next-generation console, you have it available at 3DJuegos our playable impressions of the title, which we have been able to test in advance. In addition to this, we have also been able interview developers in order to go even deeper into everything they want to offer

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Remember that Square Enix has set the premiere of Final Fantasy XVI for the day June 22, 2023when it will be published exclusively in playstation 5 due to the six-month exclusivity agreement that Square Enix has with Sony PlayStation. Later it is expected to reach more platforms, although you have to wait for official confirmation.