Final Fantasy XVI Producer Reveals Why It’s PS5 Exclusive – Final Fantasy XVI

One of the most anticipated games of this year 2023 is final fantasy 16. The new installment of the legendary fantasy franchise of Square Enix prepares its launch for the month of June, although the bad news for users who were waiting for it on PC or other platforms is that It has a six-month exclusivity on PS5which nor does it ensure that it will reach other platforms half a year later.

In an interview with the Japanese medium 4Gamer that has translated GenkiJPNthe producer of the game Naoki Yoshida He has spoken about this agreement. Apart from everything he has told us these days about the duration of the exclusivity, he also wanted to talk about how PlayStation helps them facing the development of Final Fantasy XVI, beyond the economic agreement that they closed in their day.

“For us, the technical support we receive from the hardware manufacturer (Sony) is a big factor in signing these types of contracts. In this case, there is a part where we develop together with the engineers at Sony Interactive Entertainment, who know the hardware in a deeper way, and we receive from them generous support in terms of optimization that we could not manage on our own.

Also, not developing with multiple platforms in mind allows us to spend more hours on things like game building and optimization. We can also do promotion together globally. […] Technological and promotional support is something we like to get if we can get it.”


we have already played

In 3DJuegos we have already been able to test the Square Enix title in advance, so we recommend that you take a look at the playable impressions of Final Fantasy XVI that José Ángel Mateo has elaborated to know more. In fact, we have also been able interview developers in order to go even deeper into Square Enix’s proposal.

To play it yourself, you will have to wait for the release date of what is one of the major titles of this year. The company has set the premiere for the day June 22, 2023when it will be released exclusively on playstation 5 given the six-month exclusivity deal Square Enix has with Sony PlayStation.