“Finding yourself is a process”: Tini confesses in ‘El Hormiguero’ what it was like to break up with Disney

The Argentine singer was the protagonist of successful series such as ‘Ugly Duckling’ or ‘Violetta’.

tini Stoessel first visited the anthill This Thursday, January 26. The Argentine singer attended the successful Pablo Motos program to present her new single, ‘Muñecas’. The guest spoke about her upcoming tour and her new album, which she will publish on February 17. She also had time to keep awake the aftermath of being a Disney girl.

Tini began in the world of acting when she was barely 10 years old. The Argentine she achieved great popularity internationally by starring in the successful violettabut he also participated in other series such as Ugly Duckling. And it is that, these fictions marked an entire generation and the actress became a benchmark for millions of young people around the world.

Thus, Tini is considered as “a disney girl“. An adjective that has taken years to remove to gain a foothold in the world of music, as happened to Miley Cyrus with Hannah Montana. A long journey with a lot of work that has been compensated with great success and collaborations with renowned artists such as Sebastián Yatra or Alejandro Sanz, among others.

Motos referred to Tini’s past and asked how her experience was at the Mickey Mouse House. “Everything in life has its positive side and its negative side. In this case, What cost me the most at the time and what continues to cost me the most is the permanent public exposure. That’s why there are things in my personal life that I try to keep private, although sometimes it’s difficult,” said the actress and singer.

“I am very grateful for the family that touched me, because my parents and my brother Francisco have been very essential throughout my career. And I am also grateful to the family that I chose, who They are my friends since I was 3 years old. and that they know me as if I were their sister”, acknowledged the actress, showing that she is still the same despite her success.

Breaking up with Disney and finding yourself is a process, but I love Disney because it was a great school for me.

In addition, the Argentine also confessed how difficult it was to break away from being Violetta to start being Tini. “Today, Disney today is breaking with a lot of things, but everything is so careful, that when you want to get out of there, there is like a chip, being there as a child leaves you things, for example not to speak badly, not to say bad words, declared the actress. “I learned a lot from everything I did and I love a lot of people who are still there. Disney was a great learning experience for me,” the singer concluded.

The carelessness of Pablo Motos

The presenter had a small oversight that left the guest speechless. At the beginning of the interview, Motos highlighted that the Argentine came to present a single that will be included in Cupid, her next album “which will be released on February 17.” “You said it like that!” Tini interrupted him with a surprised face.

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The presenter was very stopped at that moment realizing that he had just screwed up. “Didn’t people know?”asked Motorcycles. “They told me we were going to present it, but I still hadn’t said the name… but it’s okay, nothing happens,” Tini clarified to later see how a canvas was unfolded on the wall of the set with the cover while they were lit some spectacular flares.

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