Florent Marchet reveals his new songs at the Bijou de Toulouse

the essential
Florent Marchet is showing at Le Bijou, in Toulouse on Thursday 6 and Friday 7 January.

Revealed by the album “Gargilesse” in 2004, then by the impeccable “Rio Baril” (2007) and “Courchevel” (2010), Florent Marchet is a talented jack-of-all-trades, who seemed to move away from the song in recent years. He wrote a novel (another is in preparation), signed numerous film soundtracks, participated in musical readings, founded a family… but we still didn’t see anything happening to the “French records” section.

Nice surprise: it is at Le Bijou that we will discover the songs from his album on Thursday and Friday, with the still secret title, expected in the spring. Perfect setting for such an endearing artist: “I wanted to redo the scene, but otherwise, says the singer. The musical readings that I was able to do, in particular with Nicolas Mathieu, the author of “Their children after them”, revealed to me a closeness, an intimacy with the public that I had forgotten. In large venues, we lose most of what the song expresses, we are no longer in the dressing … ”

The confinement allowed Florent to compose while taking his time and, by playing them to his friends or his family, he realized that small and attentive audiences, simple reduced arrangements (piano, voice) revealed to the songs their bare truth: “These are the songs, the stories of a forties and, if one were to look for a connection between them, I would say they could exist in the residential and comfortable neighborhoods of the United States: everyone says that we should pool our efforts, act together … but what matters above all is his house, his car, his swimming pool … ”Close to the spirit of the photographs of Gregory Crewdson, who captures the other side of the dream like no other American, the songs of Florent Marchet, of which we know the acuteness and accuracy of the gaze, pinpoint the shortcomings of a decidedly very strange era.

Florent Marchet in concert Thursday January 6 and Friday January 7 at 9:30 p.m. at the Bijou (123, avenue de Muret). Prices: 16 €; reduced 12 €. Phone. : 05 61 42 08 69